Alleged Scammer Profited More than First Believed from Brian Terry's Death

Shortly after Breitbart Texas broke the news about an alleged scam involving a South Carolina man’s sale of merchandise as part of what he claimed to be a fundraising effort for the Brian Terry Foundation, more tips came flooding to Breitbart Texas. New information revealed a much larger operation that is seemingly a scam than originally contemplated.

Emails received by Breitbart Texas reveal large donations from companies who believed they were contributing to a project directly related to the Brian Terry Foundation. One company reported donating $1,000 to “Project: Honor First”, the Facebook page set up by the alleged scammer identified by the Brian Terry family as Harrison Cutler.

During the investigation, Breitbart Texas was contacted by a private investigator from Michigan who has learned about the extent of the scandal after reading the first article. The investigator confirmed the $1,000 donation made by a company in Ohio along with several other donations. He also revealed much more information about Cutler and his professional background.

Over the weekend, Breitbart Texas learned from Cutler that he had made a donation to the Brian Terry Foundation for $1,694.34--only after Breitbart Texas publicly wrote on the matter. This donation was confirmed by the Brian Terry Foundation as having been received. In discussions with the investigator; however, it appeared that Cutler had taken in more money than he donated--considerably more money.

Breitbart Texas challenged Cutler as to the amount of his donations and inquired about any other contributions he may have received in addition to the proceeds of t-shirt sales. After several Facebook message exchanges, Cutler finally revealed he had made “a math error” and he had an additional $1,000 he would be donating.

He later confirmed he had, in fact, made the donation. This donation was also confirmed as having been received by the Brian Terry Foundation, making the total received $2,694.34.

Through a series of phone conversations and private Facebook messages, Breitbart Texas obtained a full confession from Cutler.

While he claimed his failure to deliver the ordered t-shirts was due to a series of life complications, he promised to deliver the shirts and make the promised donation to the Brian Terry Foundation.

Breitbart Texas’ investigation is still underway at this time and more information will be revealed as it is confirmed with law enforcement authorities and Terry family members.

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