Hillary Clinton's "Cap and Trade" Ploy in India

The Obama Administration has been receiving much outrage lately on behalf of the proposed cap-and-trade bill (HR 2454). Texas GOP Vote previsouly discussed how this bill, which will dramatically increase our electric bills and further destroy jobs, is based merely upon computer models with no guarantee of success. Republicans everywhere are asserting against this bill- so what does the Obama Administration do to stall our protests? The Administration sends Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, to appeal their low-carbon legislation to India.

Financial Times reports that Hillary Clinton made a statement in India yesterday attempting to lure India into an agreement in which India will work with the U.S. in order to embrace a low-carbon future. Clinton explained that "low-carbon emissions would not jeopardize India’s high economic growth rates and its goal of lifting millions of people out of poverty."

Hmm, this government fabrication seems all too familiar. The Obama Administration has already tried to put it past us that this low-carbon legislation will help our economy- but we know better. Now, they are trying to make India victim to this over-regulated nonsense.

Fortunately for India, Jairam Ramesh, India's environment minister, rejected Clinton's low-carbon bid. Not only did he not appreciate the pressure Clinton was putting on him to reduce emissions, but he was also angered by potential carbon tariffs stating, “And as if this pressure was not enough, we also face the threat of carbon tariffs on our exports to countries such as yours.”

While the Indian government had close ties to the United States under Republican President George W. Bush, these ties are loosening with the Democrat's administration. Some Indian officials are starting to "express anxieties that a Democrat administration may turn to more protectionist measures in an economic downturn."

How many countries will need to reject the Obama Administration's appeal for a low-carbon legislation before the message gets through to them? Quit wasting time trying to get the rest of the world on-board with a counterproductive solution and start trying to devise a plan that will actually work.


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