Harris County Republican Party Advisory Board calls for Caucus

The Harris County Republican Party released the following statement and resolution regarding the Texas Speaker of the House race:

The HCRP Advisory Board is calling for Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives to caucus together to vote for the next Speaker of the House (see resolution below). With so much critical conservative legislation to pass, we must not let the liberal Democrats determine the leadership. On Nov. 2nd, the people sent a clear message: they want sweeping conservative reforms in THIS SESSION, and they trust Republicans to deliver. The voters have given us their sacred trust, now is the time for Republicans to lead. Please call your State Rep and ask them to support a caucus. Click here for a listing of Harris County Republican State Reps.

Resolution Supporting a Unified Republican Caucus Choice for Speaker of the House:

Whereas, the primary function of the Harris County Republican Party is to elect candidates that embrace the principles articulated by the Republican Party of Texas Platform and to enact those principles legislatively; and

Whereas, grassroots Republicans have worked tirelessly to elect Republicans all across our great State only to have a minority of those Republicans confer with the opposing party in the selection of Speaker of the House, thereby negating the hard work of its grassroots; and

Whereas, the Harris County Republican Party has made great strides in assisting our Republicans in the legislature with more energy and determination to increase our representation of Republicans in the legislature on 2 November 2010; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the members of the Harris County Republican Party Advisory Board support, the House Republicans in caucusing together before the vote for Speaker of the House is commenced and select from among its Republican members a unified selection for Speaker of the House; be it further

Resolved, that Republican House members and Republican House candidates be given the opportunity to sign this resolution to show support for a unified Republican majority to select the Speaker of the House of Representatives for each legislative session as long as Republicans can maintain the majority representation in the House; and, be it further

RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be delivered by electronic mail to each Republican member and member elect of the Texas House of Representatives.


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Thank you HCRP Advisory Board!Conservative Texan Republicans statewide appreciate your timely leadership!  Tea Party leaders have been calling for a caucus for a while now, so it's great to see the real leaders stepping forward too! I encourage everyone to contact your local GOP leader in your County and ask them to "Call for a Caucus NOW!"The full list of County Chairmen is online here:  http://www.texasgop.org/inner.asp?z=80 

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