Wuflu Shot: Death and Bell’s Palsy to Cure a Cold

By now, only the most braindead Leftist still believes the nonsense and “fake science” of the Wuflu scamdemic.

Let’s all say it together: “A disease so deadly, some don’t even know they have it!”

Never in the history of man have we demanded a cure for a disease before life goes back to normal. And all this for something slightly more deadly than a cold.

The average American lives two years longer than those dying from Wuflu. In fact, getting Wuflu might ADD two years to your life. Of course, this depends on your other factors, such as ethnicity or chronic disease. But Leftists continue showing infection rates, while conveniently dismissing morbidity.

So how will they spin the “cure”?

From my vantage point, it looks like you have three choices:

  1. Ride out the dreaded disease and live normally
  2. Develop Bell’s Palsy and have your face collapse
  3. DIE!

On that last one, isn’t the cure supposed to prevent DYING?! Asking for a friend.

As for me and fighting Wuflu, I’ll take choice #1 for 2000, Alex.

Here’s what has been reported about option #2.

The list of side effects from the COVID vaccine have previously been reported, but this morning Daily Mail reports that recent cases of Bells palsy developed from the Pfizer trial:

Four people who got Pfizer‘s coronavirus vaccine in the firm’s trial developed Bell’s palsy, a form of temporary facial paralysis, according to U.S. regulators’ report on the shot.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators said there wasn’t any clear way that the vaccine caused Bell’s palsy, but warned that doctors should watch for the alarming side effect and Pfizer should continue to keep tabs on how many people it strikes.

No one knows what exactly causes Bell’s palsy, which resolves on its own most of the time.

I find it humorous the CDC may end up warning people about taking the “cure” for a virus with the warning, “You actually stand a better chance of living if you avoid the ‘cure’ for Wuflu”.

On November 13, MSM reported on the Pfizer’s progress:

American drugmaker Pfizer Inc. and German biotechnology firm BioNTech SE announced this week that its vaccine appears more than 90% effective in stopping Covid-19 infections. The preliminary finding spurred a global stock rally and put the companies at the head of the pack in the race for the vaccine.

At around the same time, China saw the final-stage trial of one of its top vaccine candidates halted in Brazil due to a serious adverse event. While Brazil reversed its decision in less than 48 hours, the episode underscored the fraught geopolitical tensions around vaccine development: Last month President Jair Bolsonaro said China lacks credibility and people wouldn’t feel safe with the shot “due to its origin.”

And what of those deaths?

You know Leftists are amazing, when they can get people to risk death over a benign disease like Wuflu. Put another way: would you risk death to get a shot for the common cold?

I applaud President Trump for rushing to show America that he can get things done quickly. But to do this for the Wuflu is a waste of effort. He should have chosen a real pandemic and not a scamdemic.

Further, we have diseases like cancer that deserve far more attention than the Wuflu. And if the disease needs to be communicable, then what about tuberculosis?

Instead, we’ve developed a vaccine for a ruse. And Zero Hedge reports, two participants in the Pfizer Wuflu vaccine trial have died:

With the FDA expected to grant emergency-use approval for the Pfizer-BionTech COVID vaccine Thursday after releasing a preliminary assessment of the trial data that the panel will use to assess the drug earlier today, the agency has admitted Tuesday that two participants in the Phase 3 trials have died. One of them was immunocompromised, according to the Jerusalem Post, citing data released earlier.

I love this next part. Because we will be introduced to additional “experts”. Like Dr. Fraudci.

The FDA is expected to release two separate assessments of the trial data before a panel of experts meets to review the data and either approve Pfizer’s request for emergency approval, or deny it.

This also comes after the FDA warned of a “severe averse reaction” frequently seen in patients after taking the second dose.

So if the first dose doesn’t get you, just wait. The article continues,

In the US, there has been at least one other trial participant who reportedly died not long after receiving the second dose. The participant in that case was a priest in Philadelphia who participated in the Moderna trial. In the UK, two patients were seriously sickened during the trial of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine (though Oxford later said the illnesses had nothing to do with the trial). While In Brazil, authorities briefly halted a trial of Sinovac’s experimental COVID vaccine after a participant died.

Now we wait. Because Big Pharma will finally get it right. Eventually, only old people will die from the disease that targets old people.


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