The Ultimate Price For Violating The Rule of Law Part II

Citizens, it is time to refresh ourselves in some recent history regarding our national government. The reason… the sacrosanctity of elements of the Democratic Party about abuse of power and its threads from the completely phony issue of Russian involvement in our past national election needs to be recounted. The drive to try and overthrow the duly elected government of the US is Orwellian in its nature and goal. Please refresh your memories about the conduct of elements of the Democratic Party and those, within the bureaucracy of the national government and especially the Department of Justice, the national intelligence structure, and the misconduct surrounding the FISA courts.  We have a very short period of time within which to put an end to the above, to disclose to all citizens the misconduct, and by whom, that has gone on and is continuing.

Our Republic is at risk. Do not look the other way, do not shake your head in disbelief; it is true and it is occurring. The coming election may well be the last truly fair and open election. The Rule of Law may well be done away with permanently and sooner than one might think.

Thomas More said, “I show you the times, I show you the times.”………. I show you the times citizens.

The following article was originally published in October 2017:

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The Ultimate Price For Violating The Rule of Law

Part II

By Joseph F. Speelman

“…for even a man as righteous as yourself could not stand in the winds that would then blow.”
Sir Thomas More
(1478 – 1535)

In Part I of this story, you were informed of significant misconduct, unethical behavior, and apparent criminal actions that occurred during the eight years of the regime of Barack Obama.  Such actions included criminal mis-appropriation of public funds, intentional and knowing misuse of the IRS to target and intimidate US citizens identified as Republicans or conservatives to deny these citizens their First Amendment rights to petition government, knowing and repeated violations of Federal Environmental criminal laws, intentionally and repeatedly soliciting bribes, accepting bribes, and mis-appropriation of billions of dollars of funds of the US Treasury. The above acts were committed by senior officials of the Obama regime including the former Attorney General as well as other cabinet members and the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency. These actions occurred and remain as matters of public record.

As you awoke this morning, you might have been greeted by glaring headlines such as the following: “Obama FBI Knew, in 2009, of Russian Plot to Pad Clinton Charity, Expand Nuclear Footprint”.  This headline appeared in the 6 am, EDT October 17, 2017 electronic edition of The Hill news outlet. The story in the Hill recounts that Federal agents had gathered significant evidence, including recordings and emails as early as 2009 showing the Russian government was sponsoring bribes and kickbacks to compromise or influence elements of the US government, including and especially the State Department headed by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in relation to the approval of a transaction allowing the substantial  acquisition of a company named Uranium One, which owned and controlled a significant amount of uranium in the US, by a Kremlin controlled company named Rosatom. The above knowledge was in possession of the Obama regime’s FBI long before the US governmental approval of the Uranium One transaction.

The Obama regime, even though in possession of the above information, learned through FBI investigations and using undercover agents and private citizens cooperating with law enforcement, did nothing for years after learning of the Russian involvement and it did not inform Congress or the American people of this illegal activity by Russian operatives in the US. Additionally, during that time when the Obama regime had such information in its possession, it made two major decisions that benefited Moscow:

  1. In 2010 the Obama regime approved the partial sale of Uranium One mining company, a Canadian company that owned strategic uranium deposits in the US, to the Russian controlled Rosatom nuclear company;
  2. A year later, the Obama regime gave the “OK” on a separate transaction that benefitted a Rosatom subsidiary.

It is important to briefly explain the Uranium One transaction and some key and extraordinary conduct that took place in and around the US Government during that transaction.  Uranium One is a Canadian uranium mining company that owned a significant amount of US uranium. As such, any effort to sell all or part of that company would require approval, at a minimum, of a US government entity called the Committee on Foreign Investment, which is made up of 9 governmental entities most importantly the US State Department (then headed by Hillary Clinton) and the US Department of Justice (then headed by Attorney General Eric Holder). Additionally, such a transaction would likely be viewed by several key Congressional committees as questionable and Congressional action could delay or even stop a transaction.

  • When the transaction was announced, over a short course of time, nine investors who ultimately profited from the transaction collectively donated $145 million to Hillary Clinton’s family foundation. This included Clinton Foundation mega-donor, Canadian mining billionaire Frank Giustra, who pledged $100 million to the Clinton Foundation.
  • The New York Times confirmed that a Kremlin backed bank paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a single speech. That payment occurred, the NY Times established, “shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One.”.
  • The then CEO of Uranium One, Ian Telfer, made donations totaling $2.35 million as well which Hillary Clinton’s foundation kept secret until after the completing of the transaction. These donations occurred as the Clinton State Department was considering the Uranium One transaction.

A total of $150 million dollars was donated by parties with economic interests in the Uranium One transaction and parties controlled by the Russian government, also interested in the transaction, to the Clinton Foundation, controlled by Bill and Hillary Clinton, during the time that the decision by the US government, including Hillary Clinton’s State Department, was deciding whether to approve the transaction.

The Uranium One transaction was unanimously approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment. None of the above donations, transactions, or the Russian involvement in illegal activities in support of influencing the approval of the transaction were disclosed to or discussed by the committee as part of the approval process.  Further, none of the donations or illegal Russian activities surrounding the transaction were disclosed to Congress or the American people prior to the committee decision.

Former Representative Mike Rogers (R-Mich), who chaired the House Intelligence Committee during the time the FBI probe was being conducted in 2009, told The Hill he had never been told anything about the Russian nuclear corruption case nor had his committee or anyone else in Congress been told of the investigation or its results. This, inspite of his and many of his fellow lawmakers having serious concerns about the Obama regime’s approval of the Uranium One transaction.

Attached to The Hill article were FBI, Energy Department, and court documents establishing clearly that the FBI in fact had gathered substantial evidence, well before the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US unanimously approved the substantial sale of Uranium One to Sosatom, a Kremlin controlled company. These documents also establish that Vadin Mikerin, the main Russian overseeing Vladimir Putin’s nuclear expansion inside the US, was engaged in criminal wrong doing in 2009 relating to influencing the US decision on the Uranium One transaction.

Let me explain this in “Plain Western Kansan” … The FBI is controlled by and reports to the US Attorney General, at the time Eric Holder, who sat on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US.  The Attorney General knew of this investigation result when the committee decision was made and he said nothing. The US State Department was controlled by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who inexplicably at the time, chose to have a hand selected representative sit in for her on the Foreign Investment Committee meeting when the Uranium One transaction was approved. She said nothing regarding the significant contributions to her family foundation by Uranium One investors and owners (who stood to profit handsomely from Russian money if the transaction were approved). Neither did she disclose the payment by a Russian controlled bank of $500,000 to Bill Clinton, who controls the Clinton Foundation along with Hillary Clinton.

One last interesting fact: the head of the Obama regime FBI during the time of the investigation into Russian impropriety in this matter and who knew of the results of the investigation is…..Robert Mueller. Who is the Independent Counsel investigating…..The Influence of Russia in the 2016 US Presidential Election!!

As an attorney, here is how this breaks down:

  1. The former US Attorney General, Eric Holder, is likely guilty of suppression of evidence of Russian involvement in the Uranium One decision, a felony.
  2. Hillary Clinton is likely guilty of accepting significant bribes in exchange for ensuring the approval of the Uranium One transaction by the US government through her involvement before and during the decision making process. As well, because national security issues are at the front of the transaction, she is likely guilty of either selling or aiding the illegal taking of valuable national defense information and property and perhaps Treason against the United States of America if two separate witnesses confirm such actions or written evidence, perhaps from emails belonging to the State Department, should be discovered confirming the above.
  3. The above two individuals could, in exchange for properly bestowed immunity, disclose the knowledge, understanding, and even direction of their actions by the former head of the Obama regime.
  4. The Clinton Foundation should be placed under a court order that effectively seizes its assets and an IRS audit of the organization’s complete transaction history should be ordered by a trustee appointed by a Federal court with competent jurisdiction to oversee the organization and its assets pending the results of investigations discussed above and the deep and thorough audit by the IRS.

Citizens, this is very, very serious material and information that has been disclosed today. A Special Prosecutor should be immediately established to begin the investigation of this matter and get to the absolute bottom of it as quickly as possible. Mr Mueller, because of his potential knowledge and involvement of this matter, should be asked to step down from his current position of investigating whether there was Russian influence during the 2016 election.  Those are just the start of this travesty. Some may try to assert that the above suggestions are out of order or outrageous…….the only thing out of order is what happened here and who did it….the only thing outrageous here is what has been detailed by The Hill and the disgraceful, deceitful, and arrogant abuse of power that has been described by those at the very top of our government and who sit by now, comfortable in their view that they have “gotten away with it”.

When the very government officials responsible for maintenance and establishment of the Rule of Law are engaged in conduct that destroys the Rule of Law……there is no law.  When there is no law, as Sir Thomas More said so long ago, the dark side of humanity arises. If you think you have seen discord and division in this country thus far, you have seen nothing compared to “winds that will then blow”. We move toward the Hobbsian state of nature. There will be no safe rooms, there will be no shelters, there will be no place to hide. All innocence will be drowned. We have but a short time to rid ourselves of what has been described above and utilize the Rule of Law to do so.



Who Mourns for the Rule of Law….all humanity.


Enough is Enough!




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