Trump Victory Luncheon in San Antonio, Texas

This is an amazing story of how a Texas photographer/writer was able to attend a fundraising luncheon for the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

My husband gave me an incomparable anniversary gift….lunch with the President on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.  It would be a lie if I said I didn’t prepare for the ‘luncheon’….I did.

After sending my information for a background check, a ‘Guest Guidance Memo’ was sent to all registered attendees which included time, place, security, attire, even the anticipated weather of a high of 95 degrees and the location where we were to be dropped off.  But the only one that really hit my eyes was ‘No video or audio recordings are permitted during this event.’  To clarify this, I called: No Cameras allowed!  I was to attend the luncheon, naked so to speak without my camera!

After checking in and receiving my name tag, my purse was opened and checked for ‘inappropriate items’ and my body was scanned with a wave detector.  All good.  

The luncheon was held at the posh Argyle, a venue with a very prestigious reputation, but a very small venue considering the popularity of the President.  So it wasn’t a surprise that a huge enclosed tent with padding on the floor was raised over the grounds. 

The table decorations consisted of fresh white roses in bouquet style.  The presentation of the food was lavishly impressive.  Salmon en croute and prime roasted beef tenderloin were served with their famous Argyle salad.  There was also shrimp and crab legs and a variety of cheeses and fruit and one table held the most tempting delicate pastries that made your taste buds dance.  Red and white wine was served and water was available.  More than enough food for the approximately 300 guests in attendance.

Many Texans were able to see Air Force One knowing that the president was heading to San Antonio and Houston.  A friend, Judge Bert Richardson, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, said he saw the president fly by and shared this photograph. 

The president arrived late, around 12:30pm, and held a roundtable discussion before he came out to greet his audience.  As I understood it, the roundtable consisted of his top San Antonio donors, which included Tibaut Bowman.  I had the good fortune to meet him and his gracious wife Shelli while waiting to enter.   She told me that, “I supported Trump from day 1, from the time he came down the escalator.”  I asked her why?  Her answer was simple.  “Love that he is a business man and I thought we needed one to run the country.”

The ‘warm up’ speakers were first Brad Pascale, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, who said the campaign will have 1,500 paid staff and 90 thousand volunteers.   Next, Ronna McDaniel, Republican National Committee Chairman, who was proud to announce she was a native Texan also shared my sentiments, “Every day I am happy he is our president” and then Toni Anne Dashiell, Republican National Committeewoman for Texas, who will chair the 2020 RN Convention in Charlotte.  She mentioned the website Promises Kept.  The pledge of allegiance was recited and an invocation by Hunter Powell was said just before the president walked in.  Strange as it might seem the Texas pledge was not recited.  My thoughts were that President Trump is America’s president, not just Texas. 

Texas Senator Donna Campbell and Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick rode with the president from the San Antonio International Airport.  The Lt Governor was at the roundtable discussion.  Senator Campbell introduced herself to several attendees and finally sat next to me.  She told me of her exciting experience.  She and Lt Governor met the president just after Air Force One landed at the SA International Airport.  She was so thrilled to be riding with the president and the Lt Governor to the luncheon.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her more excited.

She shared with me the photograph Lt Governor Patrick took of her with the president.  

Senator Campbell told me she was impressed that “‘he’ is so personable, so real, like just another person.”  We both said, “He is real.” 

Finally at 1:40pm, the president walked onto the stage to greet us, and the applause was awe-inspiring.  He walked in with a big smile, energetic with plenty of enthusiasm. My first impression was that he is big as life itself and definitely more handsome than the photos I’ve seen of him.   After the applause died down and he thanked a few people and his supporters he said loud and clear, “How can I help you?”, while shining his white teeth at the crowd of supporters.  He continued by saying that the press was not allowed at the actual event but were for the roundtable discussion, “We get more press than one other person, Jesus.”  He certainly knows how to entertain and keep an audience focused.

He began listing his accomplishments, the Stock Market has had 39 record highs.  There are 5.5 million jobs to date.  He stated that we do want the immigrants here based on merit and legal.  He spoke about the two Executive Orders he was signing later in the day in the Houston area on the pipelines.  “So we can get things done”, he said.  We have been fighting the environment people long enough, the EPA.   We have cleaner air and cleaner water than ever before.  He added that people prefer regulation cuts better.

He did not leave the veterans out and said, “We love our vets.” He reminded the attendees he had helped Senator Ted Cruz get reelected and that he is working with John Cornyn to win his reelection. 

He mentioned the “Right to Try” bill for those people that desire treatment with experimental drugs for terminal illnesses without FDA approval.

“I know you are doing well because you are here.”  Just before he walked off the stage he said, “I know I can count on you.” That was at 1:55pm and it was over…..The president of the United States had spoken for about 25 minutes….I wanted more…

Please check the Promises Kept website for accurate information on President Trump’s accomplishments, as I might not have remembered all the numbers correctly. 

Everything was almost perfect.  The tent while ample enough and cool for most of the time started to warm up when everyone took their seats.  So when President Trump came in and the fans/coolers were turned on full blast the noise was tremendous almost drowning out the President’s voice.  We certainly got a taste of why we love him.  I doubt anyone was shocked.  I don’t remember his exact wording but pretty close. I have never been to a function where the air conditioning was so loud and provided so little cooling.  “I don’t pay if they do a shitty job.”  Again, like usual, he was right!  The audience laughed out loud. 

I tend to agree with President Trump when he says that, “most politicians can’t say what I say or they are out.”  Such is life in the Trump era.  Did I reveal all, no, because some things are best kept untold.   As far as I could tell, no Top Secrets were revealed. The information President Trump spoke about can be found in Promises Kept.  It was a ‘light’ lunch, it was all about the money, a fundraiser.  Attendees did not receive any souvenirs other than the identification badge.

The San Antonio Express News mentioned Ronna McDaniel in an April 11 published article saying that the fundraiser at the Argyle was expected to bring in $6 million.  I can say without hesitation that I am happy to support a prolife, pro-business, and pro-American President.  He has kept his promise to transfer the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, he is working on the fences/walls at the Southern border.  While he has done some defunding of PP, it must be defunded altogether.  We need to continue to press congress to end the war on women and the unborn.   

Fight, NEVER give up!



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