TRUMP Not Fit To Be Our President!

If you believe that the president of the United States should have strong principles, then Trump is not the man. If you believe that the president of the United States should believe in our US Constitution, then Trump is not the man. As simple as this is, Trump continues to plow his way to the Republican presidential nomination and his so called militia continues to follow him like programmed robots. If this were not true, then why did Trump say, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?” “It’s like incredible.” I have to agree, it’s incredible!

It is totally ludicrous that because Trump has an R behind his name, that this gives him the right to belittle, degrade, abuse, bully, lie, and exaggerate, while Obama with a D behind his name acts the same and these Trump supporters who hate this about Obama, but love Trump. Obviously there is something amiss.

Never would I have thought that what we witnessed in 2008 when Obama drew thousands to his ‘Hope and Change’ rallies would happen again in 2016 to hear Trump’s chant to ‘make America great again’. This is a nightmare revisited. Many Americans knew that the ‘Hope and Change’ Obama spoke of was not what America needed, just as today, ‘make America great again’ can only happen if you believe in the core conservative values of America.

Trump has publically commented that he ‘buys’ politicians to get what he wants and that he is forever making a ‘deal’ to line his pockets, making him a very rich, wealthy ‘business’ man. In essence, he will do whatever it takes to get what ‘he’ wants and do whatever it takes to add to his assets. Don’t let him fool you about his ‘wealth’; he ranks number 121 in America with $4.5 billion, but his score according to Forbes is 5, meaning Trump inherited some or all of his good fortune and is not a self-made man. Hence, his only perceived goal is to acquire more riches.

Again the American people are being deceived. When have you heard Trump say anything other than telling us how great he is, how rich he is, how great he will make America. Where is the substance to back his words?

“I will build a great, great wall on our Southern border and I will have Mexico pay for it.” Then of course he has enhanced his description of the wall. He wants to build “a big, beautiful, powerful wall, it can have a gate or it can have a door.” Trump goes on talking about his wall. “I will build the greatest wall that you have ever seen, I would never do this myself, but I hope...actually it will even look great, I already know what it should look like.” He compares the Great Wall of China to the wall he will build at our Southern borders. He goes on to say that the wall will be made of precast plank because “Maybe someday they will call it the Trump Wall, so it has to be beautiful.” He claims he can get the Mexicans to pay for it. I don’t doubt that he will get the Mexicans to pay for the wall since he has no scruples as to whom or how he makes his ‘deals’. We all know that Mexico and many of its politicians are corrupt. Trump’s business ‘deals’ should remind us about his 4 bankruptcies, his failure to pay his contractors and his unconstitutional stance on eminent domain. Don’t we want transparency and to stop corruption and cronyism? Don’t we want accountability?

Trump’s morals are questionable to say the least. I sincerely doubt Trump has ever sat down and read the Bible since he could not quote a favorite verse during an interview. Instead he veiled his unfamiliarity with the bible by saying that this was ‘very private’ for him. As the Pro-Life movement gathers momentum towards ending abortion Trump supports funding Planned Parenthood. He says he has changed his mind from Pro-Choice and partial birth abortion to Pro-Life. Knowing what we know about him what are the chances that he won’t revert to his Pro-Choice stance once the campaign ends; after all he is very proud to have ‘New York values’.

Trump no longer mentions his oldest sister, a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Maryanne Trump Barry. Barry has been described as a pro-abortion extremist judge. He told Mark Halperin and John Heilemann in August during an interview for, ‘With All Due Respect’ that his sister would make a ‘phenomenal’ Supreme Court justice. Imagine Trump nominating his pro-abortionist sister to the US Supreme Court.

Americans were disappointed with Obama, so what makes Trump supporters believe that Trump will not disappoint them? Obama’s and Trump’s campaign rhetoric are the same, empty promises. Obama and/or his administration has almost single handedly wrecked Religious Liberty, weakened our military, caused racial divide, brought in Obamacare and has not secured our Southern Borders. Be wary of a man who has his name on all his hotels and wants to call the wall on our Mexico borders the ‘Trump Wall’. Obama closed the White House to us and we shouldn’t be surprised that Trump will call it the ‘Trump House’. So haven’t we had enough of his arrogance and bombastic language? If we couldn’t trust Obama the ‘Community Organizer’ to follow our constitution, how can we trust the ‘Deal Maker’ Trump to keep his promises, protect individual rights and uphold the Rule of Law? It could very well be someone like Trump to completely end America as we know it. If we really want America to shine once more, we must be a nation under God so that we continue to receive His blessings.

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!


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