Today's "Democratic Party" - Hijacked!

There have always been liberals and conservatives.  They are natural mental attitudes developed over thousands of years — both have a purpose.

Conservatives are meant via ‘internal coding’ to conserve.  This means that this group of people in the world want to keep things as they are to a large degree and move forward cautiously.  This behavior tends to keep a society safe and progress slowly but cautiously.

Liberals on the other hand are driven to improve, and often less cautiously.  ‘Progress’ is their life goal.  They tend to keep the conservatives moving and progressing.

These behaviors are analogous to the temperament types of Drivers and Analytics described by Myers and Briggs (psychologists).  Analytics require a lot of data to make a decision, were as Drivers act on intuition and require little information to make decisions.  Both types have a purpose, to keep society in ‘balance’ so that they come to good (safe) decisions in a shorter length of time.

In brief, there is a rationale to how our country’s government was formed.  Our founders where brilliant people.  Otherwise why would our republic’s constitution last longer than any other nation’s.

Where are you going with this, you ask?

The democratic party is no longer the ‘liberal’ party.  They have been ‘hijacked‘ by an element that was the enemy of America after WWII and still is — communism.

When conversing with people today, tribalism has taken over the conversation.  It’s you against me.  I’m good for the country, you are bad.  I win, you lose.  Not a very good approach, and not very effective conversation.

Unlike a shooting war, we are in a cold war.  We are fighting each other getting nowhere fast.  Hate is the operative emotion on the Left.  Instead of learning during our interactions, we get hurt, hurt others, and typically gain no ground either way.  All parties walk away with more hate and less patience.

Consider the next time, if you are a conservative, that the person you are ‘debating with’ is not a ‘real’ democrat.  Unfortunately the hijacking has been done by hard core Leftists and useful idiots — but the end result is the same.  And if true, we need another more effective game plan.

That plan would, as a suggestion, be:

  • Don’t argue with a useful idiot or someone who wants to turn our country into a new Venezuela.  They’re both entrenched in their distorted, un-American ideology and will only drag you into their approach of being hostile.
  • Try and educate those who are open to input and reasonable.
  • Pass on to anyone who will listen that our country is in serious trouble and that we need to work together to survive.
  • Get out and vote!!!!

Trying to clean up the democratic party will be a long term, uphill climb which will take either several years of slow successful effort, or a convention of states that helps clean house (the swamp) — e.g., term limits, etc.

In any event, no matter what else you do . . .


We are very close to the edge of a societal precipice.  We could find ourselves going over the cliff if we don’t change our direction soon.  The Kavenaugh debacle is a great example of where we’re at today.  It has taken a long time to get here much like stretching a rubber-band.  The result of not ‘catching on’ will come quickly like that rubber-band.  Snap!!  Ouch!!  Not good…   game over?  You are part of the solution or problem.  It’s your choice….


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