Texas Reloaded Candidates Need Our Support!

Please turn your volume up and watch this video:

Dan Crenshaw has put together a winning team! But he needs our help to get them elected! Texas Reloaded is a joint fundraising effort for six outstanding candidates for the US Congress.

The Democratic Party my daddy supported no longer exists. “Democrats” actually want to defund the police!

They want to release violent criminals while at the same time trying to restrict your right to bear arms! They want to eliminate the oil, gas, and coal industries.

They watch ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter burn down public buildings, private businesses and homes and call it a “mostly peaceful" protest.

Donating to Texas Reloaded will help Navy Seal and US Rep. Dan Crenshaw (TX-2, Houston), Army Apache Helicopter Pilot Wesley Hunt (TX-7, Houston), Air Force Colonel August Pfluger (TX-11, West Texas), Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Tony Gonzales (TX-23, San Antonio), businesswoman Beth Van Duyne (TX-24, Dallas), and corporate strategist Genevieve Collins (TX-32, Dallas). 

These candidates are pro-life and they support the police. They stand to honor our flag, and they will fight to protect the blessings our Lord has allowed Americans to enjoy.

We have less than two weeks left to help make sure these outstanding candidates get elected! 

Please ​contribute to Texas Reloaded through this link: 


My wife Debbie and ​I are donating $2,500. Our children Andy and Tracy are each giving $1000. If you are willing to help, great. Please do all you can. 

God bless you, and may He continue to bless America!​


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