Texans Sitting Pretty To Save America

I know that many won’t believe it, that my two favorites among the considered Republicans for 2016 are Texans, is a coincidence. Well, it may not be a coincidence that Texas happened to produce them. If Ted Cruz had not been nominated and elected, my next favorite to Rick Perry would be Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who I like a lot and is not far behind. In an ordinary year, Jindal might well have been my first choice. But it is not an ordinary year, our Texans are not ordinary candidates, and America’s needs are far from ordinary needs. The functional tatters of this constitutional republic today are like the physical and emotional tatters of The Civil War era.

Rick Perry has earned it the old-fashioned way, and has done so in spades. I have watched for almost fifty years and loved people ideologically and rhetorically. But I've never seen a candidate with a resume and record to run with like Rick Perry has today. I was a salesman, but not the typical back-slapping, drink swilling, fun-raising sort who remembered the birthdays of every customer and their spouse and their anniversary. I sought out good and unique products in the then-developing computer design industry and learned everything about the product’s operations and advantages; helping my dealers to sell them. For selling a presidential candidate, Rick Perry’s features are golden. Americans have tended to prefer Governors, and Perry is unprecedented with respect to his experience and accomplishment as one. As he says, over the past 5+ years without the great growth in Texas, job creation in The United States would be a net negative. And he has it in a genial but rugged and firm package. It should make a salesman’s mouth water. And he loves America and its potential too. Again in an ordinary year, he should be a runaway favorite.

But Ted Cruz is uncommonly lucid, visionary and purposive about restoring constitutional principle to a nation that has never been so philosophically lost in the woods. His rhetorical ability in presenting that vision is unmatched and he will endorse using every tool the U.S. Constitution provides to advance it. By those measures, both of them are the most qualified presidential candidates we've ever seen; and I mean including Ronald Reagan. If Perry can focus his philosophy and cultivate Reagan's resolve in the face of the political winds that will be brought against him, and/or if Cruz can deliver his clarity with something approaching Reagan's affability, I think one of them WILL be nominated. It could only be better if we could meld both of their strengths into one candidate. I think Cruz's early and strategic announcement has taken a clip out of the existing constituencies of Huckabee, whom I once supported, and Santorum, whom friends did. I'm not going to trash those two, but I'd be happy if they just decided the path was too difficult for them. Walker seems to have been aroused by the early attention and taken some to the inclination to tune his message for particular constituencies. For me, he is plainly behind Jindal as a third choice and down to Rubio territory, though I could live with any of them if by some miracle both Perry and Cruz should fail. I like Rand Paul personally, but I can’t support him, and I don’t think he’ll be nominated. In my book, the others need to show something not heretofore seen or Cruz or Perry need to make a spectacular blunder. Otherwise as far as I'm concerned, everyone else can take a number and a seat for Cruz and Perry. If America can’t elect one of them, we are certainly in critical demise as a society.


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