Sign Gov. Abbott's Texas Backs the Blue Pledge - No Defunding the Police

In August, Austin City Council voted to defund their police department by $21 million and “shift” $129 million in police spending to other city departments. Why would they do this when their city has the highest percentage increase in murders this year (64%) out of all the 15 largest cities in the US?

It doesn’t make any sense!

Austin City Council is not alone; on Wednesday night Dallas City Council voted in favor of a proposition to defund their police, cutting $7 million of overtime pay.

Defunding the police is not going to solve any problems. We should be increasing their funding so they have all the training, resources, and personnel they need to keep everyone safe!

Please sign Governor Greg Abbott’s new Texas Backs the Blue Pledge to show support and respect for law enforcement and to tell our state and local lawmakers that we will not stand for any defunding of the police in Texas.

The pledge:

I sign this Texas Backs the Blue Pledge to oppose any efforts to defund the police and to show my support for the brave law enforcement officers who risk their lives to protect and serve. Defunding our police departments would invite crime into our communities and put people in danger. That is why I pledge to support any measure that discourages or stops efforts to defund police departments in Texas.

Our law enforcement officers have our backs every single day, and we need to show them that Texans have their backs.


Great job Governor Abbot for starting the pledge Thursday and for proposing​ legislation for next session that would prohibit any city or county who defunds their police from raising property tax revenues. Sounds like a good idea!

God bless America!


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