Sen. Cruz on Fox News: The American People - Not The Media - Get To Elect Our President

As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and former member of the legal defense team for President George W. Bush in Bush v. Gore - I yesterday appeared on Fox News's ‘Sunday Morning Futures' to discuss the need to allow the legal process to move forward to ensure a fair and transparent election result. I also highlighted the importance of the Georgia runoff and the need for Republicans to maintain a majority in the Senate. Watch Sen. Cruz's full interview with Maria Bartiromo here. Key excerpts are included below.

WATCH: Cruz on Fox ‘The Media Doesn't Decide Elections'

On the media's premature coronation of Joe Biden, I said:

"At this point we do not know who has prevailed in the election. The media is desperately trying to get everyone to coronate Joe Biden as the next president, but that's not how it works. The media does not get to select our president, the American people get to elect our president. At this point we've got numerous states that are very closely and vigorously contested, from Pennsylvania to Georgia to Arizona to New Mexico to Michigan to Wisconsin. In all of those states there are serious disputes about the vote totals and there's a legal process to resolve those disputes. So at this point, we should allow the rule of law to operate. We should allow the legal process to move forward. And when that process is concluded, which it will be in a matter of weeks, we will know who prevailed in the elections. But the fact that the big newsrooms in New York City want Donald Trump to lose - they don't get to decide that. That's a question for the voters."

On what to expect as the legal process moves forward, I added:

"You mentioned Bush v. Gore, which I was part of representing then-Governor George W. Bush. In the course of 36 days we had multiple cases throughout the state of Florida. It went twice to the Florida Supreme Court. It went twice to the U.S. Supreme Court. It took 36 days to resolve and we got an answer. I would expect a similar process to play out here, despite the media trying to tell everyone, ‘give up, go home, we know who we want to win.' That's not how it works. We need to follow the law and that means allowing the legal process to play out. [...]

"We've seen multiple lawsuits already filed. I expect there will be more lawsuits filed, probably in each of those states that I mentioned and maybe more. We may well see state's cases filed both in state court and in federal court. We will have trials on the matters that are contested. And the purpose of a trial is to hear evidence.

"You know one of the frustrating things just as an American watching this is you hear all these allegations of what's going on and it's hard to know what the facts are. It's hard to know what the truth is. Well, we have a process for ascertaining the truth, which is that you can go and present evidence and test it in a court of law and then those appeals will go up, both through the state appellate system and the federal appellate system and this case could very easily end up at the U.S. Supreme Court. [...]"

On President Trump's path to victory, I said:

"What is interesting is historically mail-in votes are much more likely to be disqualified in a recount than in-person votes. Generally, in-person votes, they're conducted at the polling place and they usually stand. That means what we're likely to see in the next few weeks as the recounts go forward is that Joe Biden's very, very narrow majorities in some of these states, those totals are likely to drop if we see mail-in votes when they're examined being invalidated as contrary to the law. [...] I believe President Trump still has a path to victory, and that path is to count every single legal vote that was cast, but also not to [count] any votes that were fraudulently cast or illegally cast. And we have a legal process to determine what's legal and what isn't."

On the importance of maintaining a GOP majority in the Senate with two Senate runoffs in Georgia upcoming, I said:

"If Republicans win, we have a majority. I cannot overstate how important to the country those two seats are. [...] The difference - if we have a Chuck Schumer Senate and a Joe Biden presidency, they will pack the U.S. Supreme Court. They will end the filibuster. They will pass massive tax increases. They will pass the Green New Deal destroying millions of jobs. If we have a Republican Senate, none of that happens. And by the way if they have a Democratic Senate, they'll add two new states to the country to give them, they believe, four new Democratic senators. So if you want a check - hopefully Joe Biden does not prevail at the end of this - but if you want a check on Joe Biden, if you don't want to go over the edge to the socialist abyss, Georgia is the big enchilada. I'm going be there and everyone who wants to see some semblance of calm and reason and sanity, Georgia's the battle where that's going to be determined."


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