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President Obama at gun control press confPresident Barack Obama is having a press conference today at 10:55 Central Time to announce his plans for gun control in America.  Will he follow the Constitution and simply request legislation?  Or will he take unconstitutional steps and attempt to create laws through Executive Orders.  Through this Blog Post we will watch this Press Conference live and relay information to you as quickly as possible.

We will update this story with a complete transcript of this press conference when it is available.

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Vice President Joe Biden has opened the press conference with a tear jerking appeal to emotion that addresses nothing related to reducing violent crime.  Says some actions will take place immediately, implying Executive Orders.  There is a small desk in the room with school children behind it where the president will sign executive orders.

President Obama is introducing the children and discussing their "pretty smart" letters they wrote to the President asking for change.

President says our "First Task" is to keep our children safe.  Will he actually try and do this or is he simply after guns?

"If we can save even one life, we have an obligation to try" - President Obama

We will strengthen background checks.

We will make resource officers available to schools that want them.

CDC will be ordered to look into gun violence.

Violent Computer Games will be looked at.

Announcing 23 Executive orders TODAY.

CONGRESS MUST: (according to Obama)

1. Require background checks on ALL gun sales.  Whether from a dealer or an individual sales.  This is an attack on private property rights of individuals.

2. Restore a ban on "military style" assault weapons and a 10 round limit on magazines.  "Weapons designed for theater of war have no place in a movie theater"

3. We should get tougher on "straw purchase" sales where one person buys a gun for someone else who is not eligible to own a gun and we should punish anyone who helps this process.  (Like his attorney general?)

4. We should put more cops on the streets.


The President is backing up these proposals with an emotion based apeal.  Calling these "common sense" steps.  But he is showing no evidence that any of these proposals would make any difference at all.

Obama says this will not happen unless the American people demand it.  Will he listen if we say we want our rights defended?

President tell Julia (child) that he will try very hard to make changes without Congress.  But he agrees that Congress must pass new laws to make change.  


President Obama has now signed 23 executive orders.  We will post copies of those as soon as they are avaiable.  What are your thoughts on this conference?


On the surface, listenting to the 3 or 4 announced Executive Orders, it doesn't appear the President is over-reaching.  However there are 23 Executive Orders that were signed today.  I have requested copies of these and will evaluate them on receipt.  

It is important that all gun owners and people who support the Contstitution and our individual rights to contact your members of Congress and Senators to let them know you will not tolerate any attack on the 2nd Amendment.

We expect Congress to fully evaluate all 23 Executive Orders and take full legal action if any of these order violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens.



Transcript of Obama Press Announcement on Gun Control Legislation and Executive Orders



"If we can save even one life, we have an obligation to try" - President Obama

Says the man that has killed over 100 children with his drones and even more than that with his support of abortion.

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Did no one tell you? those bombed by drones aren't children. They are "colateral damage"... This is America and no right should ever be taken, infringed, or censored in any way. We're suppose to be about our rights of choice and the ability of our citizens to CHOOSE! Not be told by some common man with the title of president to TELL us what we can choose from. This common man has overreached his authority and nickle and dimes our rights away from us for far too long and it's time the people of this nation finally stand up and fight back and take back our rights and our freedom of choice. I would fully support any senator, congressman, governor that puts forth articles of impeachment to this president. It's time someone reminds him his position is of a civil servant, not a dictator, king, or god...

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