President Barack Obama - No Friend to Hispanics - Mass Deportation is his Specialty

We have long said that President Barack Obama has done little more than pay lip service to the interests of Hispanic voters in America. His latest announcement of the mini-DREAM Act, guest worker program, is pure election year pandering. Now the mainstream media may actually be seeing through the President's facade and revealing who he really is - President Obama: Deporter-in-Chief.

Recently, Forbes Magazine published an article with that title. The article points out, not only Obama's failings on the issue of immigration reform, but the falacies of depending on groups like FAIR (Federation for Immigration Reform) and NumbersUSA which are really liberal front groups intent on driving a wedge between conservative Hispanics and the Republican Party.

According to Forbes, "Obama’s DHS has so far deported more people than during the first six and a half years of George W. Bush’s administration. Just shy of 1.5 million unauthorized immigrants have been forcefully deported from the United States under Napolitano’s leadership. These annual deportation figures are higher that at any other time in U.S. history, pushing the backlog for deportation cases to a record 314,147 this June. The government is apprehending unauthorized immigration cases so quickly that it cannot effectively process them all."

On the topic of FAIR, Forbes stated, "According to FAIR, a group intent on decreasing all immigration because it’s bad for the environment, President Obama has systematically undermined the immigration laws of the U.S. In reality, President Obama has actually increased immigration enforcement and restricted legal immigration."

The truth on Obama's record with Hispanics is he has been a total failure on this issue. During the first two years of his administration, Obama could have passed any immigration law he wanted.  He did nothing. Now, in the middle of an election year where he is losing, he ilegally creates a new guest worker program and suspends deporting certain illegal immigrants. All the while setting new records for deporting others.

However, the reality of this new program - it is all talk and no action. According to Forbes:

“Everyone eligible for a deferral under Obama’s June announcement was already eligible under the Morton Memo,” said immigration attorney Matthew Kolken of Buffalo, New York. “But since the Morton memo only favorably exercised prosecutorial discretion for 1.9 percent of all reviewed deportation cases, it’s hard to be optimistic about Obama’s most recent attempt to stem deportations for DREAMers.” The bureaucratic inertia of DHS could delay the processing of deferrals for years.

The Forbes article concluded by saying, "The myth of the pro-immigrant Obama is perplexing and FAIR's report is a map to fantasy land where up is down, left is right and Obama is not Deporter-in-Chief."

Obama has a consistent record of failure on immigration reform. He has failed to enact any legislation on improving our broken system. He continues to make LEGAL immigration more difficult by increasing visa fees, increasing workplace audits and piling on more and more regulations on employers. To me, it looks like Obama and FAIR are working together to stop immigration all together.



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