Points System And The Projects

MORE low income housing for the Cy-Fair/Bear Creek area, you say? Yes, it's true. Hard to believe? Well believe it!

I recently wrote an article titled, "Plutocracy and the Projects," in which I briefly outlined the process by which low income housing makes its way stealthily into the burbs. It's a pretty involved process, but I thought I would try to break it down for you, maybe get a little more in-depth on the subject this time.

I'm reporting primarily about the Cypress, Texas area, but I'm sure that much of the targeted areas get close to the same amount of money. Right now, the federal government had dangled $9,704,613 for the Cypress area. Each developer seeks $1.5 million. Only the top six developers with the highest points are awarded funds. The developers need 118 points to qualify to receive the funds. What I'd like to do is show where the points come from to show you how important it is for the state representatives to maintain their negative point capabilities.

Last year, the highest points achieved were 133. By contrast, the lowest points awarded were 125. The developers were funded or lost on a single point.

There are several entities that can award or subtract points to the developers. They are:

  • School District
  • MUD 61 JF-Hofman, 281-469-9405, [email protected]
  • Fire Department
  • EMS
  • Law Enforcement
  • Local Businesses
  • Elected Officials

The only other quantifiable community participation is with a coalition, which, thanks to James and Barbara Hardin, Cy-Fair has now: The Cypress Coalition. It first came to the Cypress Coalition's attention last year, and I wrote an article about the first town hall meeting titled, "The Texas House-Representing Voters or Subsidized Developers?"

State Representatives still have eight points, which can have a HUGE impact, as you see that developers were funded or lost on a single point. As of the current legislative session, State Representatives are proposing to give up their points that serve their constituents. County commissioners also have the ability to add or take away points; they've been allotted three points.

This further proves the need for the reps to keep their points, especially those that represent Cy-Fair, as we have several vulnerabilities as an area. We live in an unincorporated area, which means we don't have a city council or a mayor to represent us. That leaves us with, you guessed it, relying on the State Reps and the County Commissioners to be our voice.

Stay tuned as there's a town hall being planned to oppose the two new proposed developments. If you're concerned, please contact State Representative Dwayne Bohac at:

(512) 463-0727 Austin Office
(713) 460-2800 District Office

I'm sure there's more to come since the 84th legislation is far from over.


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