Partnership Made in Hell – Biden-Harris Ticket

Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden announced on August 12, 2020 that his running mate would be Kamala Harris, a failed presidential candidate. For the purposes of this article I will focus on the character or lack thereof and the social values these two represent. It is a fallacy that Biden is a devout Catholic even though he was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church. That is small evidence that he is a practicing Catholic. Harris considers herself a black Baptist because as a young girl she attended the 23rd Avenue Church of God in Oakland, California where she grew up.

Biden has long been an object of mockery because of his constant gaffes and memory loss during public interviews with the news media. His choice of Harris as his vice president was somewhat amusing and confusing at the same time.

Since Biden uses his Catholicism to try to connect with the Catholic community, it seems ironic that his choice for a VP is an anti-Catholic bigot. As an example, during the confirmation hearing of a U.S. District court judge nominee, Brian Buescher, Harris, on the Senate Judiciary committee, wanted to disqualify him based on his membership in the Knights of Columbus. She was implying that this affiliation with this group would interfere with his rulings as a judge.

Biden has failed miserably as an exemplary Catholic. He insists on calling himself a Catholic without seeming to realize that he advocates against the Church’s teaching. He supports abortion, infanticide, same-sex marriage and the LGBTQ movement. In fact, in 2019, he was denied Holy Communion by Fr Robert E. Morey of St. Anthony Catholic Church in Florence, South Carolina. In a statement Fr Morey said, “Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside church teaching.”

Both Biden and Harris have represented themselves as someone other than their true selves. Biden imagines that he is Catholic because he carries rosary beads and Harris imagines herself as an African American because she looks black. Harris was born in Berkley, California of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father who were both educated at Berkeley. She does not come from a family of slaves or sharecroppers and is not an African American and has little knowledge of growing up in the ‘hood’. In fact, her father Donald J. Harris wrote about his ancestry in the Jamaican Global Online, ‘Reflections of a Jamaican Father’, stating:

“My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town) and to my maternal grandmother Miss Iris (née Iris Finegan, farmer and educator, from Aenon Town and Inverness, ancestry unknown to me).

Looking back now I can say, with certainty and all due credit to Miss Iris, that it was this early intimate exposure to operation of the sugar industry at the local level of small-scale production with family labour and free wage-labour, coupled with my growing curiosity about how these things came to be, that led me, once I started reading about the history of Jamaica, to a closer study of the sugar industry. I came then to understand its origin as a system of global production and commerce, based on slave labour, with Jamaica as a key component of that system from its very start.”

So in essence we have a ‘white’ male wanting to sit in the Oval Office who has been accused of being a racist for not wanting to bus black kids for a better education and a black woman whose ancestors owned slaves. Harris tweeted out on June 29 that “White Supremacy has no place in our country, federal government, and especially not the White House.” This in itself is a confusing contradiction.

To further add to the confusion, Harris is part of the Black Lives Movement. She is endorsed by Ben Crump, the civil rights attorney who represents the George Floyd family and is now representing Breonna Taylor’s family. Harris promotes justice for Taylor in her tweets. Crump wrote in a CNN piece, “It’s time for Senator Kamala Harris to join Joe Biden’s ticket and, God willing, help him actualize the next phase of this movement from the White House.” What exactly does this mean, run the BLM movement from the White House? Frightening thought!

On July 13 Harris tweeted that, “if we take back the senate and elect @joebiden president, we can address police brutality. Keep our communities safe from gun violence.” This is perfectly clear, defund the Police and confiscate our guns. This is following the Marxist BLM movement which include the undocumented movement, the Muslim movement, and the LGBTQ movement all stated by co-founder Patrisee Khan-Cullors in a video.

Harris, like Biden, believes in abortion, same-sex marriage and the LGBTQ movement. As a staunch supporter of abortion, Harris voted against a bill that would limit abortions in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. She has received a 100% rating from the NARAL Pro-Choice California. It was Harris that launched an investigation of prolife activist and videographer David Daleiden when she was California’s state attorney general.

Harris could be considered a chameleon as she dons different ideologies at the drop of a hat, always suiting her career enrichment. Being that Biden is considered having cognitive decline, he will be easy to manipulate, twist, mold in any direction the Progressives want.

This pair has visions of Marxism and will bypass Socialism in the first year if elected. IF we want to keep America under God this must not happen. We should all want Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. America must fight for the 1st and 2nd Amendments: Religious Freedom and the right to bear arms. We must not trade morality and opportunity for depravity and equality. We are in a Spiritual Battle and the social justice mobs that are presently rioting in the streets demanding to defund the police departments will only bring ruin to our America as we know it.

Under BIDEN-HARRIS the Hyde Amendment will disappear, Planned Parenthood will be funded at taxpayers’ expense, no minority community will be spared from the killing centers. PP will creep into the suburbs and rural communities. The streets will flow with the blood of the innocent unborn. IF they are allowed in the Oval Office and Capitol Hill they will totally erase a Nation under God. No Catholic should be voting for this ticket, no Christian should be voting for this partnership made in hell.



The time to FIGHT is NOW!


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