The National Security Agency And Snooping On America

The NSA is out of control. It seizes massive amounts of data on Americans without their consent, without their knowledge. This action violates the Fourth Amendment and the PATRIOT Act.

The USA Freedom Act is supposed to halt these literally unwarranted intrusions. The bill, in which I am a cosponsor, passed the Judiciary Committee unanimously.

However, this bill that deals with secret surveillance and mischief by the NSA was recently changed at the Rules Committee. These changes appear to allow multiple interpretations as to what the NSA can and cannot do. The bill now confuses what it intended to make clear. It seems we are back where we started.

The NSA has shown it will misinterpret the law in a manner most favorable to the seizure by the NSA, seizure of information without a warrant.

These new changes, unfortunately, may not adequately solve the problems of spying, snooping, and surveillance by the NSA on Americans.

And that’s just the way it is.


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