Mike Johnson Elected Speaker of the House

I am excited to announce that House Republicans have elected a new Speaker of the House: Mike Johnson of Louisiana. Mike is a Constitutional lawyer and one of the strongest conservatives in Congress who has devoted his life and career to fighting for fundamental freedoms and traditional values —the Right to Life, Second Amendment, Free Speech, and Religious Liberty. He is also leading the charge to hold President Biden accountable on the Judiciary Committee and supporting our troops on the House Armed Services Committee. He will make a wonderful Speaker of the House, and I was proud to support him. 

During his first speech as Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson laid out seven core principles to guide the House of Representatives and set a clear agenda for helping the American people. 

Those principles are: 1) Individual Freedom, 2) Limited Government, 3) The Rule of Law, 4) Peace Through Strength, 5) Fiscal Responsibility, 6) Free Markets, and 7) Human Dignity — all wonderful tenants I am proud to rally behind. 

The process of electing a new Speaker has been arduous, but I have remained hard at work. Republicans are unified around Mike Johnson and will continue working diligently to secure our border, restore energy independence, and fix our economy.


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