Leticia Van De Putte Threatens Republicans For TX Lt. Gov

On the contrary, in toil and drudgery, night and day we worked, so as not to burden any of you. Not that we do not have the right. Rather, we wanted to present ourselves as a model for you, so that you might imitate us. In fact, when we were with you, we instructed you that if anyone was unwilling to work, neither should that one eat. - 2 Thessalonians 3:8-10

The last time Democrats were elected in statewide races was in 1994, and just a few years later in 1998 they were history because GW Bush was reelected as our governor and the Republicans swept into office. Leticia Van de Putte announced her plans on Saturday, November 23 to campaign for the position of Lt. Governor for her beloved Democrat Party. She has been in Texas politics since 1990, first as a state representative and to her present position of State Senator for District 26. Senate District 26 sits mostly in North West San Antonio. As a seasoned Democrat turned liberal, she is hoping to put the Democrats back in power with Wendy Davis as a running mate for the position of Governor of Texas. Liberals like to tout ‘firsts’.

With two women at the top of the Democrat ticket, Van de Putte ‘La Llorona’ and ‘Abortion Barbie’ Davis will be pushing for women to vote them in office. We all know why Davis has earned the title of ‘Abortion Barbie’ since she stood on the senate floor for eleven hours protesting the ban on abortion after 20 weeks. Van de Putte and her nickname have been around since childhood, and it is quite appropriate. ‘La Llorona’ means crybaby. She began whining on the senate floor during ‘Abortion Barbie’s’ filibuster because she felt ignored by saying, “Mr. President, at what point does a female senator have to raise her voice or her hand to be heard over her male colleagues in the room?” Really, this poor defenseless woman who ran away to New Mexico shirking her duty because of a redistricting debate in the senate? This same woman who is known as the ‘mother figure of the senate’? This woman who was given the honor in January of President Pro Tempore? This woman who owns and manages her own pharmacy; this is not a poor defenseless woman waiting for her knight in shinning armor. This is a strong liberal woman willing to sacrifice her faith and our taxpayer money for her party. She will fight for abortion and same sex marriage rights as veiled comments in her announcement speech indicated.

In her announcement speech, she let us know that things will certainly change if she is elected. Fiscal responsibility will be tossed out the door and Texans will bear whatever welfare she sees fit in order for her to realize her dream as noted in Proverbs 3:27 “Don’t withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it’s in your power to act.” She added, “That’s what guides me as a public servant, that’s what will guide me in this race, and that’s what will guide me as your Lt. Governor."

Another quote from her is “My vision for our State is simple. I want to ensure Texas is a better place to grow up, raise a family, and grow a small business.” This is really an absurd statement since her husband Pete Van de Putte owns the family business, the Dixie Flag Company. Her father owned the Botica Guadalupana and she owns a pharmacy.

Don’t be at all surprised that the ‘pro-aborts’ will be campaigning to achieve this feat. And the ‘war on women’ will be a strong mantra. But the facts are that 62% of Texans believe that there should be a ban on abortions after 20 weeks according to a Texas University/Texas Tribune poll. Strangely enough Van de Putte has six children and supports abortion.


Have you been paying attention to the Republican primary race for Lt. Governor? It gets whackier every day. They’re all trying to out-extremist one another...all four of them chasing after the most extreme five percent of Texans who control Republican primary elections. To them, the rest of Texas doesn’t exist.

And that, my friends, is the problem: to them, the real-life priorities of too many mainstream Texas families simply don’t exist.

While they’ve bickered amongst themselves, funding for neighborhood public schools has been cut by billions. Class sizes have swelled, and too often we’re losing our best teachers. Texas is investing less in our school children than almost any other state. It’s by no coincidence that we’re last in the nation in the percentage of adults with a high school diploma. Don’t you think Texas deserves better than that?

While they bicker, Texas’ transportation needs continue to go unmet. They’ve even talked about turning paved highways into gravel roads, as if they think we can grow a 21st century economy while driving on 19th century roads. Doesn’t Texas deserve better than that?

While they argue, college tuition gets higher and higher, putting an affordable education completely out of reach for too many Texas families. Doesn’t Texas deserve better than that?

As they continue their hyper-partisan fights over health care, while they have no real ideas of their own, they turn their backs on Medicaid expansion that would create jobs and add billions to the Texas economy. Their failure on this means that more than 65,000 Texas veterans won’t get affordable healthcare, it’ll cost 200,000 new Texas jobs, and billions in new revenue that would have flowed into the Texas economy. Doesn’t Texas deserve better than that?

And as they continue to be too afraid of their own primary voters to provide any leadership whatsoever to pass meaningful immigration reform, they’ve failed to craft a balanced approach that works in the real world. They’ve failed to make sure immigration policy maximizes jobs for Texas, helps our economy, creates new consumers for Texas businesses, and fosters a skilled and affordable Texas workforce. Doesn’t Texas deserve better than that?

While they wage their war on women, they’ve cut funding and closed the clinics Texas women relied on for the only preventive health care they could afford.

Texas does deserve better. And that, my friends, is why...Mamma ain’t happy.

I’m running to be the Lt. Governor who doesn’t forget about the rest of Texas - the ones out-of-touch Republican candidates have forgotten, as they continue to pat their most extreme voters on the head.

I’ll be the Lt. Governor who won’t forget about our neighborhood public schools - it is mainly because of the education I received in public schools that I am living my parents dream and my grandparents’ prayers. I won’t be afraid to innovate, and I’ll stay laser-focused on the fact that if we don’t give our teachers the tools to teach, we can’t give our children a world-class education, and they’ll never achieve their world-class dreams.

I’ll be the Lt. Governor who understands that, for Texas families, the best economic development program is a job with good pay, not a corporate hand-out for a big company which was doing just fine anyway.

I’ll be the Lt. Governor who ensures that whether or not you get a college degree should be determined by how hard you can work for it, not whether you and your family can afford it.

I’ll be the Lt. Governor who understands that Texas veterans deserve our heartfelt thanks...and I don’t mean just on a bumper sticker - I mean working to make sure they can find a good paying job and affordable healthcare.

I’ll be the Lt. Governor who will fight to make sure your rights as a citizen of Texas are equal to everyone else’s, and that your job security isn’t determined by who you love, but by what you can accomplish.

I’ll be the Lt. Governor who fights for meaningful immigration reform - a balanced approach, not a free ride...that both secures our border, and maximizes jobs for Texans. I want immigration reform that requires immigrants to pay their taxes and encourages people to come out from the shadows. I’ll fight for the kind of balanced approach that creates new consumers, fosters an educated and affordable workforce for Texas businesses, and holds employers accountable for hiring undocumented immigrants. We can’t afford to keep kicking the can down the road just because some Republican candidates are afraid of their own voters.

I’ll be the Lt. Governor who puts the middle class first. The Texas economy is booming for big business. I want to foster the kind of economic growth that makes the Texas economy boom for middle class families and small businesses too - not just for those already at the top. And I want to build that strong economy to endure - we should be in it for the long haul, not just quick fixes. In our booming economy, if those in charge now weren’t missing opportunity after opportunity, we wouldn’t be leaving anybody behind.

I’ll be the Lt. Governor who understands that we don’t have to choose between a strong economy and keeping our air safe to breathe and our water safe to drink - Texans are good enough and smart enough to do both. I won’t let lobbyists and special interests drive the agenda, and I won’t let reckless corporate polluters do whatever they want.

I’ll be the Lt. Governor who understands the difference between a frivolous unnecessary expense, and a wise investment. I’ll keep taxes low, and I’ll make sure we don’t waste a dime, because our families don’t have a dime to waste. Republicans are fond of saying “government should be run more like a business,” and I agree. Smart business people understand that there’s a time to cut, and a time to invest. But the people now in charge have forgotten how to invest in Texas. Our lack of investment in transportation and water infrastructure, quality neighborhood schools, and world-class colleges and universities is hurting our children, it’s hindering sustainable economic growth, it’s holding back the workforce necessary for small business opportunities, and it’s harming Texas families.

And finally, I’ll be the Lt. Governor who understands that fundamental rights...and dignity...and self-determination...and opportunities for women are not a pawn in some political game, and I’ll fight to ensure that women will never again be treated they way we’ve been treated by our own government lately.

Women currently make 77 cents on the dollar a man makes. Senator Wendy Davis passed the bill to fix that problem, by guaranteeing that Texas women would make the same pay for doing the same work. But the current Republican governor pandered to the extremists when he vetoed that bill. As Lt. Governor I’ll make sure women’s voices will truly be heard in shaping these decisions, and when I’m Lt. Governor I’ll fight to pass that bill again, so that it can be signed into law...by Governor Wendy Davis.

That’s the kind of Lt. Governor Texas families deserve, and that’s the kind of Lt. Governor I intend to be.

You better be serious, because I can’t do this without your help. Are you with me?

They’ll say we can’t win...because Texas is a red state. They’ll say that little ol’ Leticia Rosa San Miguel Van de Putte from the barrio becoming Lt. Governor will never happen. They’ll say that they’re going after the Hispanic vote. Well...take my word for it - since I’m an actual Hispanic - you can’t successfully fight for the Hispanic vote, unless you successfully fight for Hispanic families.

Let me say that again, because it’s important: Dirán que Leticia Rosa San Miguel Van de Putte del barrio nunca será subgobernadora. Ellos dicen que buscaran el voto Hispano. Bien... Siendo hispana,... Se los aseguro,...no podrán obtener nuestro voto si no están listos para luchar por nuestras familias.

They can’t say I’ve forgotten where I came from, because I’m still here. For 30 years our family has lived in the same modest house in the neighborhood, a block and a half from where I grew up. I still live in the same house my husband Pete and I raised our 6 children in, and now the wonderful noise of our grandchildren is all around us.

I have to run. It’s my grandchildren. It’s your grandchildren. It’s the future of Texas: Proverbs 3:27 says “Don’t withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it’s in your power to act.” That’s what guides me as a public servant, that’s what will guide me in this race, and that’s what will guide me as your Lt. Governor.

I want to be your Lt. Governor because Mamma ain’t happy - because Texas can do better.

And with your help, and with your hard work, and with God’s blessing, we will win, and Texas families will be better for it.

Dios y Tejas! Let’s get to work! Thank you!

I wrote an article in January entitled “First Day of the 83rd Texas Session, A Peek of things to Come” which detailed how I felt when Van de Putte was being glorified by our Texas Senate. I also cautioned that the accolades given to Van de Putte would be felt in the 2014 election. When will the Republicans in Texas learn that San Antonio is the battleground for all of Texas? This city is the hometown of elected officials like Speaker of the House Joe Straus, Congressman Lamar Smith, State Rep Lyle Larson and while US Senator John Cornyn, who is not a native but he attended Trinity U and St Mary’s U and was a District Judge in San Antonio. It is my hometown, and I can tell you that the political lines blur in San Antonio. As seen in this photograph, Van de Putte with Mike Novak, candidate for SD25, illustrates the ‘cozy’ relationship between the parties. Van de Putte, a Hispanic woman, may not win in 2014, but her campaign will resonate throughout Texas and the Hispanic Texas woman.

Excerpt from my January article:

Following the swearing in of the senators, a President Pro Tempore was elected. To tell you the truth, I sat in disbelief that Senator Leticia Van de Putte was praised to the point of nausea. It was Senator Judith Zaffirini, SD21, that nominated Van de Putte to be the acting governor in case the Governor and the Lt. Governor are not able to be present to preside over the Senate. Senators John Corona, SD16, Brian Birdwell, SD22, Eddie Lucio, SD27 all seconded the motion and then I lost count of how many other senators lauded this woman. It must have been a good hour of eulogizing her before the session was adjourned. It was noted that Senator Van de Putte is referred as the ‘mother figure of the senate’.

The liberal media accounts failed to mention that Zaffirini stated that Van de Putte as a child had the nickname of ‘llorona caprichuda’ meaning a ‘temper tantrum crybaby’. Zaffirini went on to tell the story of how this Hispanic woman, Van de Putte, had suffered discrimination while growing up as a child in San Antonio. The most disturbing comment came from Zaffirini knowing that Van de Putte has a large family of six. Zaffirini clearly stated that Leticia’s children were probably glad that their mother had not joined Planned Parenthood earlier. Did we really need to hear this?

I can’t tell you how many times the senators speaking in her behalf mentioned that she held rosary prayer times and that she had a devotion to ‘saint’ Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa is often times called the ‘saint of Calcutta’ and is blessed Mother Teresa in the Catholic Church. Van de Putte is confused or deceiving herself because on one hand she is a proponent of Planned Parenthood and on the other hand a Catholic and devout follower of Mother Teresa who was pro life. Quote from the book ‘Mother Teresa in my own words’, “Life is a gift that God has given us. That life is present even in the unborn. A human hand should never end a life. I am convinced that the screams of the children whose lives have been terminated before their birth reach God’s ears.” Zaffirini, listing Senator Van de Putte’s attributes, made it clear that she is a ‘Social Justice’ senator.

If you will remember Van de Putte was one of eleven senators who fled to New Mexico in a heated debate over redistricting in 2003. According to an article from the Associated Press dated 08/04/2003, Van de Putte made a rather nasty remark about the Governor she will stand in place of, “He's not the brightest porch light on the block," Ms. Van de Putte said. But, "he really looks good in jeans."

Ms. Walt said Ms. Van de Putte is stooping to personal attacks to try to turn the issue away from the fact that "they ran away from their responsibilities."

Attempts to approve a redistricting bill failed during the regular legislative session and the first special session. Last week, Mr. Perry called lawmakers back for a second special session to try again. The Democrats departed for Albuquerque before he called the session. Their absence has blocked a quorum in the Senate, preventing the lawmakers who stayed in Austin from taking up business in the chamber.


Texas will soon be predominately Hispanic Americans and we definitely need to address the Hispanic population before the tsunami hits, but empowering a Hispanic liberal who obviously has disdain for the way she was treated as a youth will only serve as a role model for other upcoming Latina liberals. Van de Putte had many admirers attending from her SD26 which lies mostly in San Antonio and Bexar County. This is what J. Margo Gonzales had to say about her former boss, “It has been an honor to witness the nomination and election of my former boss and my Texas State Senator, the 2nd Latina to serve as President Pro Tempore.”

Things will not change until Texans vote for conservative Latina women in the Republican Party. In the meantime this action taken by the senate seems only to be fodder for the upcoming 2014 elections. This is not such a ‘bad’ deal for a poor discriminated Latina woman who has climbed the political ladder and is now the second in Texas history to be elected to this position.

There are four Republicans running for the nomination of Texas Lt Gov, the incumbent, David Dewhurst, Jerry Patterson, Todd Staples and Dan Patrick. Understand that I personally believe that in 2014 we will vote in a Republican Governor and a Republican Lt Governor thus keeping Texas RED. My question is simple, “How long can we hold these devouring Constitutional destroyers and child mind poisoning liberals if we don’t stand together and vote for our core principles, fiscal and social conservatism, how long?”






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