La Hillary! Estoy Contigo!

La Hillary (Clinton) came to historic San Antonio on Thursday, October 15 for a rally at Sunset Station to rile up the Latinos and to get their vote. It was a Latino love fest filled with lies, promises and Mexican dancers. Contrary to what the mainstream media wrote about the attendance, there were anywhere from 500 to 800 people gathered to hear her speak, not thousands. Former Mayor Julian Castro warmed up the audience by saying why he loves Hillary so much and that she respects the Hispanic community unlike the Republicans who don’t. What hit a bitter note was Castro’s statement about having baptized his youngest son at Our Lady of Guadalupe alluding to the fact that he is a ‘devout’ Catholic. He forgot to mention he supports abortion and his twin Juaquin votes to fund Planned Parenthood.

La Hillary’s first sentence pleaded with the audience to help her turn Texas blue. She asked her screaming fans for a near impossible feat since Wendy Davis was not able to do this and lost miserably. She told the crowd, “I love being ‘La Hillary’! I’m also ‘Tu Hillary’! I’m running for president to work for you!” After this it was all downhill. In essence, La Hillary said absolutely nothing new. She came to gather the ignorant because her speech was ‘stale meat’ not only with San Antonians but Americans in general, unless you’ll vote for a ‘Yellow Dog’ regardless.

La Hillary promised higher paychecks, quality affordable health care for everyone, the fundamental Right to Vote and to fight every effort by the Republicans to ‘disenfranchise’ them at the polls. She promised not only immigration reform but full citizenship and that she would uphold Obama’s executive action and will stand up to anyone wanting to deport dreamers and that she would go further if Congress refuses to act.

She brought up gun control and said that she would not be silenced and needed help in taking on the, NRA, National Rifle Association. She even threw out a statistic that she wants to, “Protect our families and communities from the ‘plague’ of gun violence. We lose an average of 90 Americans every day because of guns.” Somehow La Hillary overlooked telling her aficionados that because of the Democrat party, 2000 unborn babies are murdered each day in the US far out numbering the deaths due to gun violence. She also failed to tell them that Obama chose not to pass immigration reform when congress was a Democrat majority. And why didn’t she explain that under the guise of health protection for everyone, Obamacare has taken their money, jobs and still no insurance coverage and given them ‘nada’. Voting rights... if these people got to Sunset Station they can find their polling place.

La Hillary didn't clarify why she did not give orders to help the embassy at Benghazi and why four men died under her watch in that terror attack on September 11, 2012. What a slap in the face to these men when she remarked loud and clear that she would not disappear after being elected, “that’s not me has never been me.” No mention of her disappearing emails either. She said nothing about ISIS taking control in the Middle East, the Iran Deal and Russia becoming the world power because she and Obama are so weak. No, absolutely nothing about any of these issues that will have an impact on our economy and the security of our nation.

Sunset Station wasn’t just filled with La Hillary supporters but enough Latino protesters to drown out her speech at times. So if the Democrats think that Texas will be easy to conquer they need to stop drinking the Kool Aid because they have one very hard, long journey before Texas turns Blue. There were plenty of ‘familiar’ Democrat faces from congressman to Bexar County officials in the crowd all beaming from ear to ear enjoying the very ‘uninformed, low information’ voters tendency to follow like sheep to slaughter. Yes indeed, La Hillary came to San Antonio to address those Latino voters that are gullible enough to believe her. Now that is respecting the Latinos! NOT!


Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!


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