Justice for Warriors Caucus Defends Army Doctor Facing Retaliation Over COVID Vaccine Waivers

After learning that U.S. Army Maj. Samuel Sigoloff was the target of retaliation and possibly illegal acts by his chain of command, the Congressional Justice for Warriors Caucus is calling on the Secretary of the Army to expedite a review and approval of Maj. Sigoloff’s request to be honorably separated from the military.

Maj. Sigoloff, a board-certified family physician with a stellar reputation, has practiced medicine in the Army for over ten years. Since he utilized his sound medical and professional judgment and issued a handful of COVID vaccine waivers to patients, his commanders in the Army have overturned his medical assessments, relieved him from his medical position, and sought to take away his license to practice medicine.  

The Congressional Justice for Warriors Caucus stands with Dr. Sigoloff.

“It appears that some individuals in charge at the U.S. Army feel they know what is best for Maj. Sigoloff’s patients, and have decided to try to practice medicine without a license.  The retaliatory and visceral response to Maj. Sigoloff is nothing short of an abomination. I applaud him for his courage in using his sound medical judgment to treat and guide his patients, even in the face of enormous improper command and political pressures to do otherwise. 

“The Department of Defense also needs to be aware that the COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission of the virus and the CDC has updated its guidance to recommend that vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals be treated the same way. This ludicrous experimental vaccine mandate should never have been implemented in the U.S. military in the first place and we are long overdue for its conclusion—not to mention a formal apology from the Secretary of Defense for this brutish temper tantrum that resulted in an unethical medical directive.”—Rep. Louie Gohmert, CJWC Chairman

“The retaliation Major Sigoloff faces is unjust and wrong. Despite acting in his official capacity with patients as a licensed physician and within existing DOD policy, he is now threatened with political retribution, including attempts by non-medical personnel to strip him of his license to practice medicine. I am determined to ensure that the military is not denying our service members their basic Constitutional rights." – Rep Daniel Webster

“The overt politicization of our military under this Commander-in-Chief is damaging not only to our operational readiness but to the careers and livelihoods of soldiers who have dedicated their lives to service.  Maj. Sigoloff is Exhibit A. Partisan political agendas should not stand between him and an honorable separation after an exemplary career.”—Rep. Brian Mast

“Dr. Sigoloff does not deserve to be punished by woke leftists in the military for making medical decisions based on science.  Instead, he deserves nothing short of being honorably discharged for his exemplary medical career in the United States Navy.”—Rep. Paul Gosar


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