Like IRS Scandal, Texas Speaker Straus Attacking Conservative Non-Profit Groups and even Churches!

Like the IRS Scandal, Texas Speaker Straus is attacking conservative non-profit groups and even churches!


One of the top Chairmen for Joe Straus, Charlie Geren, has pushed a bill (SB 346) through the Texas House that, like the recent Obama IRS scandal, would attack Texas conservative non-profit groups by demanding that they reveal who gives money to them.

This bill would even attack churches and religious groups who do not get involved in partisan politics and only stand for issues like pro-life and pro-marriage!

Interestingly enough, labor unions are specifically named in the bill as exempt from these requirements! Heck, what about newspapers? They get involved in EVERY election and endorse candidates and bash Republicans in issues, but they would not have to reveal their finances under this bill. So unions and newspapers get a pass, but if someone gives $25,000 to a church to buy pro-life signs then the church has to reveal its finances! THIS IS WORSE THAT WHAT OBAMA'S IRS IS DOING!

Also, how would you feel about having to register as a lobbyist simply because you go to the courthouse in Austin with a group of Christians from your church and hold pro-life signs on the side of the road?

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY MUST VETO THIS BILL SB 346! Call his office at 512-463-2000!

Call the Texas Governor NOW and ask that he veto this bill. Spread the word about this outrageous shakedown and attack on the First Amendment!

The State Senate voted to pass this bill first, before the House, but they did so with good intentions not knowing the major flaws in the bill. They tried to have a re-vote to recall this bill after they found out the flaws in the bill and found out that it was being pushed by Straus, but it was too late. The House conservatives were able to reveal this trickery before the bill was voted on, but the House Democrats teamed up with the House moderate Republicans and the House conservative Republicans were not able to stop this bill from passing. Since it passed the House and Senate, it now goes to the Governor to be signed.

Governor Rick Perry MUST veto this bill!

This is a direct attack on the First Amendment. Non-profits, like pro-life groups and fiscal responsibility groups, are non-partisan and these groups promote their issues and support anyone who supports their issue. Because they are non-partisan and they are created to support an issue, they are not required to reveal private information about themselves in campaign finance reports. This is like how a church works. A church is a non-profit and, like other non-profits, is protected by the First Amendment and does not have to reveal financial information or pay taxes. A church can promote Christian issues and encourage people to vote in support of these Christian issues. Well, Joe Straus does not like that because Straus has received negative attention from some of these groups because he is not personally pro-life and has had other fiscal responsibility issues. So what does Straus do? Straus attacks the First Amendment and calls for a shakedown of these non-profit groups. These groups are not supporting him, so he wants to unconstitutionally target these groups. Can someone tell me how that is ANY different from the IRS targeting conservative non-profit and Tea Party groups because they stand for conservative values and go against the liberal values of President Obama?

Texans should be outraged at this attack against the First Amendment by Joe Straus!

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