House Republicans 23 Commitments to America in 2023

Last year, House Republicans made a Commitment to America: Entrust us with the majority, and we will put America on a better path after two years of failed one-party, Democrat rule. 

Just eight months into the new majority, Republicans have already accomplished so much to strengthen our economy, make our nation safer, defend our freedoms, and hold Washington accountable. 

Here are the 23 ways House Republicans have kept our Commitment to America in 2023: 

  1. Reopened the People’s House
  2. Ended Proxy Voting
  3. Eliminated the Military Vaccine Mandate
  4. Restored Regular Order by Requiring 72 Hours to Read a Bill
  5. Voted to Repeal Biden’s Army of IRS Agents
  6. Established the Bipartisan China Select Committee
  7. Restored Integrity to the Intelligence Committee
  8. Terminated the COVID National Emergency
  9. Voted to Stop the Selling of Our Emergency Oil Reserves to China
  10. Created a Select Committee to Expose the Truth of COVID’s Origins
  11. Took Action to Block Biden’s WOTUS Rule
  12. Created a Select Committee to Stop the Weaponization of Government
  13. Nullified DC’s Soft-on-Crime Law
  14. Voted to Unleash America’s Energy Independence, the Lower Energy Costs Act (H.R. 1)
  15. Passed the Strongest Border Security Bill in a Generation, the Secure the Border Act (H.R. 2)
  16. Voted to Give Every Parent the Right to Have a Say in Their Children’s Education, the Parents Bill of Rights (H.R. 5)
  17. Secured the Largest Deficit Reduction in History
  18. Reformed Permitting Regulations for the First Time in 40 years
  19. Enacted Welfare Work Requirements to Lift People Out of Poverty
  20. Clawed Back Billions of Taxpayer Dollars in Unspent COVID Funds
  21. Voted to Give Troops Their Biggest Pay Raise in Decades
  22. Fully Funded Veterans’ Health Care and Benefits
  23. Reasserted Congressional Oversight to Hold the Biden Administration Accountable

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