Governor's Texas Plan Can Endanger the Constitution

Governor Abbott is pushing for a well-intended but dangerous call for an Article V Convention of the States known as the ‘Texas Plan.’

The Governor admits there is nothing wrong with the constitution but lack of enforcement.

In his own words, “Governor Abbott went on to explain that dysfunction in Washington, D.C. stems largely from the federal government’s refusal to follow the Constitution. Congress routinely violates its enumerated powers, while taxing and spending its way from one financial crisis to another. The President exceeds his executive powers to impose heavy-handed regulations. And the Supreme Court imposes its policy views under the guise of judicial interpretation.”

The Governor is correct. How then can he expect adding new amendments to a constitution that is not being enforced is going to change anything?

Yet even though we can no longer rely on our Nation’s leaders to enforce the Constitution that “We the People” agreed to, the Constitution provides another way forward. Acting through the States, the people can amend their Constitution to force their leaders in all three branches of government to recognize renewed limits on federal power.

Senator Brian Birdwell’s legislation calls for his resolution calling for a Convention to be in effect for 12 years! Heaven only knows what political ideology will prevail in the 50 states by then.

Some of the risks a Convention poses to our constitutional protections are: Repeal or modifications to the 2nd Amendment; Loss of Religious Rights and Freedom of Speech; Repeal of the Electoral College and Repeal of the 10th Amendment.

With no clear rules for the conduct of COS business, how Delegates will be selected, by Population or One Delegate per state, when, where and for how long a COS would remain in session and the cost of convention, it is clear that the Governor’s making a COS an Emergency item is a big mistake and could lead to a re-write of our constitution. All COS legislation should be defeated!


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