Government’s War on Women (Video)

Progressive women in politics, Hollywood, and TV ads arrogantly declare “It’s MY body!” and “The Right is waging a War on Women!” Feminists would have young ladies believe that there is a “war on women” from the Right, and it involves their bodies.

But the real war on women is unquestionably from the Left.

Watch and listen to comments by young women at the January 22nd March for Life in DC. The march, taking place on the 41st anniversary of the heinous Roe v. Wade SCOTUS decision, drew hundreds of thousands in spite of the single digit temperatures.

“I am fighting for life…I’m fighting for the pre-born children who can’t speak up for themselves.”


“I don’t think we’re traitors, i think we’re just trying to respect life and stand up for life and what we believe.”

“I would say I’m not engaged in a war on women, I am engaged in fighting for the right for this unborn child who doesn’t have the voice to speak out for himself.”

As a nation, with the Roe decision, America has overseen the systematic killing of 55+ million unborn babies. With probably about 1/2 being female, I’d say THAT’S the real war on women.


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