Glenn Beck August 28th Restoring Honor Rally Live Blog

The Restoring Honor Rally is being held August 28th, 10am-1pm EST) in Washington, D.C. The rally is being held in order to recognize our First Amendment rights and honor the service members who fight to protect those freedoms.

Candidate John Faulk (TX-18), Pastor Stephen Broden (TX-30) and TexasGOPVote provides updates from the rally. View live updates below.


Candidate John Faulk (TX-18):

9:30am (EST) There are 4-5 helicopters flying around before opening of the Restoring Honor Rally as we gather.

10:16am (EST): The Restoring Honor Rally opened with a fly over of about 20 geese in a perfect V. See video of geese fly over below.

10:36am (EST): Sarah Palin just took stage.

11:06am (EST): Pastor C.L. Jackson from Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is granted Glenn Beck Medal of Merit. Pleasant Grove is in the 18th Congressional District of Texas.



11:14am (EST): So far Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin have spoken. Currently the recipient of the merit award for faith, C.L. Jackson from Pleasant Grove Baptist Church (located in TX-18), is speaking.

Conservative Candidate John Faulk (TX-18) and his wife, Mary Lynn Faulk, applauding as C.L. Jackson accepts his award. 

11:24am (EST): Tony Larussa (baseball team owner) is presenting the "Hope" award to Albert Pujols (baseball player).

11:29am (EST): The award for charity is about to be presented...Glenn Beck, in a prerecorded video, is recititng the poem on the Statue of Liberty.

11:30 Justice Raul Gonzalez, Texas Supreme Court, retired, is presenting the award.

11:35 The recipient of the Award for Charity is the author of the book Winners Never Cheat, Jon M. Huntsman. A woman named Emma Houston is accepting the award on his behalf.


Candidate John Faulk (TX-18):

11:49am (EST): Current speaker, Ms. King, is the stressing content of our character, not color of our skin! How can we get away from identity politics? 



11:54am (EST): Pastor Stephen Broden (TX-30) is reading a bible passage. There are also people singing gospel music.


Candidate John Faulk (TX-18):

12:15pm (EST): The media estimates the crowd to be over 500,000 people. 250,000 people were reported to have attended Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

Crowd at Restoring Honor Rally

12:26 (EST): Glenn Beck is reading the Gettysburg Address and asking, "Isn't in relavent today?" Yes, we must continue what the soldiers gave their lives for.

12:29pm (EST): Glenn Beck: "All great causes begin with one individual who follows his heart." 

12:37pm (EST): Glenn Beck: "One man can change the world. "

Candidate John Faulk's call to action: 

"Glenn Beck said one man can change the world, and then we each do what needs to be done. I can change the 18th Congressional District of Texas when others stand with me to get 100,000 voters to vote for me."

12:51pm (EST): Glenn Beck: "We must stand up so that our children will have a shot at the future of our freedom and liberty."

12:56pm (EST): Glenn Beck: "Go to God bootcamp to straighten out our lives so we can help others.

12:57pm (EST): A helicopter is flying over. Can they get a good count?

12:58pm (EST): Glenn Beck: "Must be a big crowd. The helicopter violated airspace to check on crowd."

1:03pm (EST): Glenn Beck asks for people to take his 40 day pledge.

John Faulk call to action: "Take the 66 day pledge to pray for our Faulk for Congress campaign to win Texas Congressional District 18!"



12:58pm (EST): The event is about to end and all of today's speakers are back on the stage.

1:00pm (EST): Glenn Beck: "240 men and women, of all faiths, stand together. These 240 men and women represent thousands of clergy to stand with you, and God." They are called the Black-Robed Regiment.

240 men and women.

1:09pm (EST): Bagpipes are playing "Amazing Grace."

1:18pm (EST): Dave Reever cites Romans 8:28. "To the vets that never got a welcome home, God give them a welcome home."

1:19pm (EST): The Restoring Rally is over.


The recipients of the three Glenn Beck Medals of Merit were:

The Faith Merit Medal went to Pastor C.L. Jackson.

The Hope Merit Medal went to Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Charity Merit Medal went to Philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr.


Additional photos:

Conservative Candidate Stephen Broden (TX-30) with Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece, Alveda King.

Sarah Palin

Chuck Norris

Country music singer, Jo Dee Messina

Country music group, Big & Rich

Bagpipe players

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