Fighting for Affordable, Reliable Rural Broadband

This week, the Communications and Technology Subcommittee on Energy and Commerce held a Federal Communication Commission (FCC) oversight hearing on President Biden's broadband takeover. The last time the FCC testified before Congress, the committee highlighted the need for everyone, everywhere, especially rural Americans, to access affordable and reliable broadband. However, since then, the FCC has focused on expansive rules to control nearly every aspect of how internet service providers function.

The FCC's recently finalized digital equity rule and the newly proposed net neutrality rule will stifle innovation, create massive uncertainty in the telecommunications industry, and ultimately hinder deployment and provide less access to consumers—furthering the digital divide. 

I will fight against these rules to expand government control over private industry, urge the FCC to focus on providing coverage for unserved areas, and ensure that rural communities can access reliable broadband. Watch here for my full line of questioning.


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