FBI Culture — Part II

In our last article regarding the FBI, ‘FBI Culture — Weak by Comparison‘, we showed how the FBI is being corrupted and made irrelevant — which is the 35th goal of the Communist Party stating, “Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.”  We are seeing that organization being destroyed right before our eyes.  At least it has become more obvious today than in previous years — e.g., the Obama years.

An FBI special agent, John Guandolo, was key in the development of the anti-terrorism tactics and education (of the FBI) program.  Agents were to be trained to learn how to recognize anti-American organizations, learn their roots, and how to deal with them.  If that program were to have been supported rather than abolished, we would not have the country we live in today — more dangerous than necessary.

During the Obama administration, the FBI was directed to scrap the Guandolo program and instead created an environment of acceptance of Muslim radical organizations.  In effect, the FBI was neutered and nearly left irrelevant with regard to Islamic terrorism.  We in America have been squeaking by with a small margin of safety — fortunately.

The following link points to the Judicial Watch organization’s special report article.  The information in that report was obtained via Freedom Of Information Act requests.  Hence, this is not another internet rumor.  This is our government being destroyed and our land becoming ‘progressively‘ more dangerous.  It is strongly suggested that you at least skim through the report to see how outrageous this matter is and its impact to our society.

Judicial Watch Special Report

Hopefully the Trump administration is helping to right this wrong to insure American’s safety from further jihad events.  We don’t need any more trouble in this world, we’ve got enough now!!


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