Cook My Crow Rare

May I please have my crow cooked rare with a bottle of “You’re Fired Deplorable Hot Sauce” on the side. In no way did I fathom the President Donald Trump phenomenon.  I was appalled at Obama’s attempts to shred the Constitution while trampling on our Bill of Rights for eight dreadful years. As a supporter of Senator Ted Cruz, I believed that none of the candidates, Donald Trump included, had defended the Constitution as Ted Cruz had. As Texas’ Solicitor General and in private practice, he won landmark victories for U. S. Sovereignty, the 2nd amendment and religious liberty. Although Senator Cruz had run a stellar campaign against insurmountable odds, by the end of the Indiana primary Senator Cruz did not have the financial resources to continue.

Democrat or Republican?

My skepticism of Donald Trump related to him having been a Democrat and having financially supported Democrats. How could we know he was not like other politicians who champion conservative principles to get elected and then succumb to the trappings of ultimate power?

Real Deal

When Donald Trump committed to nominate only strict Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court, my skepticism eased. I attended a Trump rally of over 18,000 in Selma, NC, near Fort Bragg where Republican Presidential Nominee Trump honored ten Medal of Honor Recipients. There I witnessed what could only be grasped in person - his deep reverence and respect for our military and these legendary heroes. Trump’s, “Art of the Deal”, reveals his ability to anticipate tactics to be used against him, as well as the skill to strategize multiple steps ahead of his adversaries. His ability to assimilate tremendous amounts of information and prioritize it, while calculating his limits and knowing when to reject a bad deal, is without equal.

Three Ps of Politics

The Three Ps of Politics are perfection, procrastination, and paralysis. Sadly, in politics, the perfection part usually relates to politicians’ attempts to read polls. President Trump’s salient advantage is his ability to make decisive multimillion dollar decisions with only partial information that would stymie most. The biggest contrast related to those in the “Swamp” and Trump’s negotiating experience is the fact that his skill has been learned with his own money.  No Washington insider has his negotiating expertise and most importantly, the essential gut feel that only comes from actually negotiating multimillion dollar projects.

Campaign Promises Kept

The outright slander and abuse heaped on President Trump is without precedent. The “Swamp” will stop at nothing to eliminate President Trump and if unrelenting abuse and attacks result in incapacitating him health-wise the “Swamp” would be elated. President Trump has followed through on his campaign promises as no President in history. The three preceding Presidents campaigned on moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. President Donald Trump was the only one who lived up to his campaign pledge, officially making Jerusalem the home of the U.S. Embassy on May 14, 2018. Our founding fathers comprehended that the Jewish people and the Land of Israel were inseparably linked. President Trump’s actions demonstrate the same understanding. The United States’ support of Israel shows our belief in Genesis 12:3 which states,” I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Our Creator has blessed us abundantly while protecting us. Protecting us many times means protecting us from ourselves. We pray that God will continue to protect President Trump.

Imagine That

Imagine a President that “says what he means and means what he says”. Waiter, this crow is really great. Can I get another? Cook it rare please.  


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