The Communists' Use of Blacks

We are all now observing the result of many years of planning and inching forward toward a soviet America.  Many find this thought a conspiracy theory.  With little research, the evidence is before you.

The Communist Party is alive and well, right here in the U.S.A.  And much to many people’s surprise, it has existed since 1919!  Their goal (along with numerous other Marxist organizations in the U.S. — e.g., Black Lives Matter (BLM) — is, and has been since 1919, to rid us of capitalism and to bring communist state to America.

Sadly, one of their key operational tactics was and is to use blacks as their first and primary wave of reshaping all American’s thinking process.  They want them to believe they are victims, that there was nothing they could do to rise to a standard of living above where they were in the early 1900’s.  The blacks were intended to be the model for changing the entire country’s social thinking — and quite successful they were, and still are today.

The following is the first page of a 48 page pamphlet created by CPUSA (.org) for blacks to read and learn about the communists’ plans to bring them out of their plight.

Negro Mag. Cover

(To read the entire pamphlet click on this link.  It’s a long read (48 pages), but you only need to view a few pages to get the idea.)

Negro Mag. Para #1

(This one snippet of the 48 page document gives you a clear idea of the party’s tactics.)

This pamphlet was created in 1935 (stated in document) which was near the end of the great depression here in the U.S.  It was a time of severe hardship for almost everyone in America — especially blacks.  It was a time when the future was extremely dark, where no hope was obvious on the horizon, a time where it was almost impossible for people to find food, much less the finer things in life.

This was the first ‘perfect’ time for the communists to flip America to a soviet state, and they may have, if it weren’t for another tragedy in our path — World War II.  (That war, as miserable as it was for everyone, turned out to be the primary event to alter America’s future — for the better.  Proving that often, even out of bad things, come some good.)

Blacks were told then, as they are now, how it was impossible for them to get out of the ghettos of the urban areas and live a ‘normal’ life.  They were taught that they were victims, effectively slaves, unable to change their own destiny without a violent approach to ‘freeing’ them of the chains that bound them.  Their only solution was the communist party.  And this was after Lincoln’s time and the emancipation proclamation.

And now today, like yesterday, blacks are being used by several Marxist organizations — including Black Lives Matter (BLM) — to meet the objectives of those organizations, to cause collapse and political change in the form of socialism/communism.  And none of those objectives includes ‘freeing the slaves’.  They want to free all Americans — of their freedoms.  Yes, even you and me.

Isn’t it ironic the number blacks today who are  rich and famous — looked up to as great examples of Americanism, of being true heroes.  Today, when blacks are told they are so oppressed.  Review this website’s list of famous and rich American blacks who ‘made it’ in recent decades.

Famous African American Men and Women of the 20th Century


Ladies and gentlemen of the 21st century, we are much wiser than this.  We should clearly see by now where we are, how we got here, who is behind this evil movement, and where we are headed.

If we don’t pull our collective mental processors out of our dark places, we are doomed to repeat history.  And it is a guarantee that only the top 1-3% of the elites in America will feel almost no pain in the socialist utopia — the rest of us will suffer dearly.  And WE will be responsible for this country’s demise.

PLEASE, help wake up America.  Share this article with others, especially your black friends who deserve a much better life than they are living.  Point them to this website which tells the story of many instances in recent history how America has been under attack from within for 100 years.


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