BUDGET CRISIS, DID WE WIN? Congressman Lamar Smith comments on Budget 'deal'

“Good start, long way to go”.
“Step in the right direction, a small step.”
John Boehner


Did we win? Did the American people win? The dust has not yet settled because it seems that the Socialists/Democrats are still giving John Boehner praise for his $38.5 Billion ‘win’. That alone should send chills up your spine. While the Republicans are still not sure what is in the ‘deal’. We won’t know until it is written in black and white and on paper later this week. Was John Boehner really that afraid of a government shutdown? The fear of shutting down the government and having the big bad mainstream media blame the Republicans may have been too much to bear. The MSM had worked hard to convince the weak kneed that closing the government was worse than death. It may have also convinced the Republicans that it would be better not to garner their wrath. So with the Republicans boot at the throat of the Socialists/Democrats, the Republicans let go of their strangle hold.

Granted that $38.5 Billion is nothing to sneeze at, but compared to the Trillions we are in debt and the $100 Billion promised our win was bitter sweet. Boehner did the best he could when confronted face to face with the likes of Harry Reid and Obama himself. What would we have done? At least Boehner did not run. Let’s face it; we must win in 2012. The Senate and the presidency must be ours if we ever want to take back our country.

Boehner is compassionate, good looking, speaks with intelligent coherent sentences and commands respect. On the other hand there is Nancy Pelosi who is not compassionate and not very good looking. When did she ever utter an intelligent sentence? To her credit she never backed down. What’s the difference…an army of Socialists standing with her, that’s what! Harry Reid won his reelection to our detriment. The next time Reid steps up to bat we must strike him out!

Obama refused to give the military any slack by withholding their pay thereby showing preference to Planned Parenthood. Obama the Commander in Chief did not stand with his troops instead would rather stand with Planned Parenthood, killers of the unborn. Click to see the ‘Policy Riders’ that were supposedly being negotiated. The ‘Policy Riders’ were not only abortion but other issues as well, but to hear the MSM tell it, abortion was the ONLY thing. Look them over for your own satisfaction. Reid fought for Planned Parenthood as if his life depended on it. Planned Parenthood may have won for now but there will be other battles to win. The good news is that Washington DC will no longer have taxpayers foot the bill for abortions. The other good news is that when the Planned Parenthood issue is debated in the Senate we will know who stands with us and which senators favor abortions. Let’s not make it easy for them. Let’s keep up the pressure!

For those of you who thought that our troops were not going to be paid if we had experienced a government shutdown. Please, Republicans would not have let that happen. Congressman Louie Gohmert had introduced a bill to pay the military had the government been shutdown. Senator Kay B. Hutchison had approximately 80 senators ready to approve SB 724 giving the Military their pay during the government shutdown. We had a firm boot on the throats of the Socialists. In the end we were not there, therefore we must trust our elected officials.

Obama’s approval rating is the lowest ever for Strongly Approving at 19%. And that is the very best news! This next budget battle has been labeled ‘Armageddon like’. Let’s be ready!!!


While the budget agreement reached Friday is not perfect, I believe it is a step in the right direction for the American people. The agreement represents the largest spending cut in our countrys history. It immediately cuts $38.5 billion in federal government spending over the next six months, and will cut spending by hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade. Additionally, the agreement ensures that the Senate will finally have to stand up and take a vote on repeal of Obamacare, which was already passed by the House with my support. Finally, this deal includes a complete ban on federal funding of abortions in Washington, D.C., and it guarantees there will be a Senate vote on defunding Planned Parenthood. Considering Republicans only control the House, we were able to force Democrats to make significant concessions.
This budget will help create a better environment for job creation, and it is only a first step. We will now move forward from this debate and get to work on cutting much more spending. House Republicans have already changed the debate in Washington and we will continue fighting to roll back the size of government and enact additional spending cuts.


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