Biedermann Challenges Troxclair HD19

Kyle Biedermann, the former House District 73 representative from January 10, 2017 to January 10, 2023, is running for HD19 which used to be part of HD73.  House District 73 was divided into two districts.  House District 19 takes in Kendall, Blanco, Burnet, and Gillespie counties and part of Travis County. House District 73 now takes in all of Comal County and part of Hays County.

Biedermann has a reputation of being a strong conservative as a result of his five years as a legislator in the Texas House.  He has a strong proven conservative record:

In the 85th Legislative Session, he filed HB 3759 seeking to make all unfunded mandates on our schools optional, thus allowing for more flexibility at the local level.   

In the 86th Legislative Session, he took decisive action by filing HB 4306 to address the crisis along the Texas-Mexico border. This bipartisan-supported bill, which successfully passed the House, proposed a pilot program to study the most effective infrastructure and technology for protecting our border from narcotics, human trafficking, and illegal entries.  

In the 87th Legislative session, he played a crucial role as a co-author of SB 8, the Texas Heartbeat Act, which stands as a significant legislative effort to protect unborn lives.

In the 87th Legislative session, he introduced the Personal Protection & Safety Bill, HB 1238, commonly known as Constitutional Carry. Although the bill was redirected and substituted with HB 357, he played a pivotal role as a Joint Author of HB 357, contributing to its successful passage into law.

Biedermann is challenging first term Ellen Troxclair for HD19 because she has proven to be a grave disappointment to her constituents.  So much so that the cries for help echoed all over the Texas Hill Country.  Troxclair in her quest for power has responded by spreading lies and trying to undermine Biedermann’s conservative record and personal integrity.

Her shrieks of “Don’t judge me on one vote!” is exactly what is happening and she is desperate to win at all costs.  She was one of the conned house members that voted to Impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton.   Her continued admission that she did the right thing to impeach has infuriated her constituents who had voted to reelect AG Paxton.   Her ONE vote proved she lacks the sound judgement necessary to be an elected official.  With no sworn testimony offered, she took it upon herself to “pass” the decision to the Senate. Troxclair should be telling her constituents that she overruled the will of the people by impeaching an AG that was taking care of Texas and Texans.  She should admit that she was “passing the buck” because she chose to not heed the ‘’signs” of a tyrannical Texas House Speaker who has secured the vote of Democrats by elevating Democrats to Committee Chairmen.

She actually told me that AG Paxton committed adultery and that was her basis for impeachment.  I guess she doesn’t understand that adultery is not an impeachable offense and that his moral standing was not the issue but the Rule of Law.  She is an ally of Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan and seeks his favor.

It was inevitable that Troxclair was going to show her true colors.  As you all recall, I supported her in her initial campaign, but I mistook her arrogance for self-confidence.  What I should have looked for were signs of humility and kindness for her fellow men.  Instead she has shown herself to be self-righteous and vicious.

It is because of her failed actions in the Texas legislature that Biedermann decided to run against her. 

Troxclair’s rating is 68 from Texas for Fiscal Responsibility

Texas Eagle Forum ranked her at 81%

According to Grassroots America:

She voted to impeach AG Ken Paxton

She sided with over 80 Lobby Groups 59.77% of the time

She joined Democrats on 9.99% of contested, partisan votes

Out of the 39 or so bills that she authored the few that passed were recognizing or congratulating district entities. 

R174 Recognizing February 8, 2023 as Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce Day at the State Capitol

HR305 Recognizing February 22, 2023 as Sheriffs’ Association of Texas Day at the State Capitol

HR416 Commemorating the inaugural ATX Open women’s tennis tournament

HR425 Honoring Leadership Gillespie County

HR589 Congratulating Dr. J. Kie Bowman on his retirement as senior pastor of Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin.

House District 19 needs a leader to take the district’s reins before it becomes too difficult to correct.  The direction should go towards conservatives and not to RINO’s who vote with Democrats that seem to always have a personal agenda. 

Biedermann is strong in his faith, family and a Patriot.  He owns a Hardware store in Fredericksburg, Texas where he resides with his wife Barbie.  He has a good and loving relationship with his grown children from a previous marriage. 

Do the right thing and Vote Biedermann, Troxclair does not deserve to be reelected.





The Survey sent out by Troxclair campaign attacking the former Texas State Rep are unfounded and not true. 


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