Four Major Myths of Opponents to Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Part 3

Continues from Charles Foster's previous post:  “Four Major Myths of Opponents to Comprehensive Immigration 
Reform: Part 2

Immigration Myth #3


Comprehensive Immigration Reform Means That We Will Have Millions Of Extra Voters Who Will Be Inclined To Vote Democratic

This is a myth. Under the most generous proposals, qualified, undocumented aliens could only apply for a temporary work visa status that under such conditions could be extended. It would take 15 years or longer before the foreign national would be eligible to apply for Lawful Permanent Resident status.

They would then have to wait an additional 5 years before being eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship. Furthermore, once they achieve the right to work temporarily in the U.S., many would never bother to even apply for Lawful Permanent Resident status.On top of that, statistically speaking, a significant percentage of those who did obtain Lawful Permanent Resident status would never after an additional 5 years apply to become a U. S. citizen.

As a practical matter, once Lawful Permanent Residency or “green card” status was achieved, the foreign worker would have the benefits of being able to work legally in the U. S. and freely travel in and out of the U.S.

In terms of possible political affiliation, which will impact the U.S. citizen children of the foreign workers primarily, that is hard to predict; but it is frequently said that the predominantly Hispanic work force is overwhelmingly Catholic, who are conservative on social issues and big supporters of the military.

In fact may actually be more inclined to the principals of the Republican Party except for the fact that in the minds of many- the Republican Party has become anti-immigrant, which is also interpreted by some to mean anti-Hispanic.


Mr. Foster, whose education and career are both impressive and distinguished, has clearly demonstrated the two most important factors in the Republican party present internal debate.  Foster points out that reasonable improvements in the present system will decrease the delays associated with immigration and will improve our nation's access to talent and labor.  However, his discussion, like mine, has also drawn in the oppostion not from the Democrats but from within the party.   

"TAT" said that he can't believe this group is actually Republican.   "mr logical" continues to demonstrate his horrendous adhereance to the more abhorrent isolationist/protectionist rhetoric and has also included the radical over population rhetoric associated with conspiracy/survivalist radicals.  While Bob Price, founder of US Border Watch, wants to be reasonable but can't help but trip over his own isolationist/protectionist views that he denies having.  As I discussed in another posting, this movement is rooted deeply in the Libertarian party.  They have infiltrated the GOP and overtaken the lectern.  They had the microphone but did not represent the party. 

These persons who oppose reasonable immigration reform claim to be the heart of the GOP but the truth is they were a vocal minority.  Now, thankfully, they represent a dwindling minority as many Republicans have realized that the isolationist/protectionist rhetoric, devisive and insulting,  has caused the very opposite of their goals to come to fruition.  The Democrats are in charge and our freedom is in great peril.  Yet they  persist in asserting they are the "true" conservatives and the rest of us GOP types are not.  They moan we are liberals and like the Democrats and that's what cost us the last two election cycles.  NON-SENSE.  It is their rhetoric and suggested radical legislation that I personally found offensive and I know drove thousands of eligible Latino and other voters away from the GOP.  It was they who forced the GOP to play right into the Democrat's hands.  That's what got the Democrats in all three houses...anti-immigration rhetoric...not liberalism.   

I am a conservative and I am best represented by the Republican Party.  The day that stops working I will go.  I did not leave before because I knew these libertarians infiltrators were merely a vocal minority and did not actually control the party although they came very close.  I chose, rather than leave the party, to work from the inside to defend Latinos and the party's platform which is about reasonable immigration reform that will benefit Latinos.  Mr. Frost and most other TGV bloggers know that and support the platform also.  

From the school house to the White House, vote Republican. 

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