Support Kountze Kids Faith - Texas Students Fighting for Religious Freedom

UPDATE: Judge Says Kountze Students ALLOWED to Hold Religious Signs until Hearing. Restraining Order by Judge Steve Thomas


Help these Texas Students Fight for their Right to Express Their Faith!

Spread the word, join the Facebook support group: SUPPORT KOUNTZE KIDS FAITH, and call and email the Kountze ISD Administration 409-246-3352 [email protected] RALLY PLANNED @ OCT 5th HOME GAME - More details to come so check back!

A Group of Cheerleaders in Kountze, TX (a small east Texas town) are taking a stand after the Kountze Independent School District BANNED personal banners/posters with any religious reference at football games (or any other sporting events).

In general, students are allowed to express their religious beliefs at schools in Texas as long as the activity/expression is student led with no instruction from a teacher or school staff member. Kountze Cheerleaders make their OWN personal posters for games, and they are not instructed by any teacher as to what must go on the banners and posters. The students are free to put their own encouraging statements to support their team.

The students are no longer free to do so following an "anonymous" complaint.

Yep, that is right. One anonymous complaint has removed freedom of speech and expression for hundreds of students in Kountze, Texas.

A student in Kountze can no longer hold a personal sign that says "we are praying for you" because praying is religious in nature. They are banned from having a sign or banner that has a Bible verse about strength and endurance. Even though they make these banners on their own to display their encouraging message, they are no longer allowed to do it anymore. They no longer have freedom of speech or expression because someone might get offended. There is no Constitutional right to not get offended by a person who decided to express their beliefs on a personal sign. There is only a Constitutional protection against forcing someone to believe a specific religion. I can assure you that these signs do not force anyone to believe any religion. Someone who sees these signs still has the freedom to believe what they want, and they are even free to express their own beliefs and make their own signs.

Kountze Kids are Taking a Stand and FIGHTING BACK

This has caused an uproar here in southeast Texas, a place where Bibles and guns are in just about every house.

A group of Kountze Cheerleaders have created a facebook support group SUPPORT KOUNTZE KIDS FAITH.

Local Beaumont, TX TV Station KBMT 12 News did a story about this group of cheerleaders fighting for their rights. The news story mentioned this facebook support group and over night the facebook group has reached over 20,000 members. There is a flood of comments on the page expressing support for these students who are standing up for their faith.

We are planning a big rally with lots of posters to show support for these students. The rally will just be at the next home Kountze football game October 5th. MORE DETAILS TO COME! So stay tuned. If you would like to help out or be involved, we can use all the help we can get so please contact me at 409-656-5128 [email protected].

Globally and here in America, there is a War Against Christianity and Freedom of Religious Expression. That was is raging even in a small east Texas town.

Just last year, in another east Texas town of Athens, the City, the County Commissioners Court, and the people of Athens fought off attempts by Atheists who wanted to remove a Nativity Scene from the Henderson County Courthouse lawn.



Make sure to check out the comments on Facebook.

As I suspected the ban was on "run through" banners and not all posters and signage made my students. THis was clearly stated in the first paragraph of the article you linked to, yet your photo is of posters the cheerleaders made. 
 If its a student in the crowd ok but the banner the football team runs through before the game officially starts - obviously not ok.

Take a little time to research before you post a comment. The superintendent banned run through banners AND small personal individual signs made by students with their own money and out of their own ideas (not told to them by any school staff)... maybe you forgot that the constitution says he state cannot establish a religions AND IT CANNOT PROHIBIT THE FREE EXERCISE OF RELIGION. That means the school cannot make religious signs or tell students to make them, but if the students all come together and make signs with Bible verses then they are free to do so. Even if it is a big banner that the students run through. If all the students come together and pay for the sign and make it themselves then it is constitutional. No student from the school complained. No football player or cheerleaders said that they did not want to do it. It was a random Atheist organization from Wisconsin who complained and asked the school to prohibit the free exercise of these students. You might not like what the students are doing and you might even be offended by it, but the government is not forcing you to join a specific church so it is not unconstitutional, even if you do not like it.


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