Persecuted, The Movie - A Faith Based Movie

Persecuted is a timely movie depicting some of the challenges Christians are experiencing today. While it is ‘fiction,’ Christians can certainly identify with the basic story line. A US Senator tries to pressure John Luther, founder of Truth, a ministry based on God’s word, into supporting legislature that would ‘unite’ all religions into one government controlled ‘church’.

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This is when the plot thickens. Luther refuses and is unshakable in surrendering his church to the government because he believes that there is only one God. So the conniving senator plots to smear Luther’s good name by murdering a young girl and bearing false witness against him in order to take control of his ministry.

The movie is basically a suspense thriller with the usual unbelievable action scenes but very thought provoking since we are battling the current administration for our right of conscience and freedom of speech. What struck me was the fact that deception was the main tool used to take control of the ministry and Luther’s life.

Reading a review about Persecuted, I wondered if the movie critic and I watched the same movie. The critic stated that religions are guaranteed equal treatment and recognition, already provided by our Constitution. He failed to mention that in the movie all religions were controlled by the government. And the horrible statement Obama made some time ago "that the US is no longer a Christian nation" was restated. That statement sounded like a fingernail being run across a blackboard.

It did cross my mind that we are living in an age of deception, where so many ‘truths’ are being treated like the shell con game. Our vulnerability right now is rather high because our world is being twisted and turned upside down, leaving us disoriented. It’s easy to be deceived when our world is changing. Besides, accepting the truth isn’t as easy as denying the truth.

We mustn’t reject the idea that we are in a time of deception, and those who would benefit from our susceptibility are staying close. We must guard against deceit and not take whatever freedom of religion we do have for granted. Few are paying attention to what is revolving around us, like Luther who was so focused on delivering the word of God, reality escaped him.

Gretchen Carlson from Fox News plays a news personality and Fred Thompson former presidential candidate plays a priest. They share roles with James Remar as John Luther and Bruce Davidson as the evil Senator Donald Harrison. It’s time conservatives take to the movie houses and prove that we do go to the movies that are geared for us. You will have to watch the movie for yourself to decide if the plot is conceivable or not.

Pray, Fight, Never Give Up!


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