In An Ocean Of Foolishness, An Island Of The Disgusting

Most of what the federal government does is impose and execute unconstitutional foolishness on American society. As a result, prosperity and opportunity are diminished and confusion and dysfunction are expanded. The Constitution is only a tool to be exploited if politicians can isolate words or ideas in support of what they want to do. Otherwise, it is a practically irrelevant historical document. Even very many who call themselves “conservative” cede that principles that were designed to be the foundation upon which democratic politics was to be exercised, are now objects of the political discussion. What was a constitutional republic is now a mere democracy like many others in the world. The American founders were contemptuous and aversive of pure democracy. The Constitution was to protect against a tyranny of government or a majority that might violate the basic and natural human rights. But Life, liberty and property are all violated. Most of what the federal government pursues and does today, is foolishness that compromises the rights and freedoms the framers of The Constitution worked so meticulously to guard.

But though it cascades now, we’ve had such foolishness for some time. But what is happening at the VA is not merely foolishness. THE primary constitutional responsibility of the federal government is to defend America and its values. We have military service people who risk their lives and health as American soldiers. When they do that, we quite rightly promise to care for their health thereafter. In what is now an almost 14 trillion dollar annual budget (don’t try to look through it. You can’t), there is NOT A SINGLE LINE, that is a priority above that commitment to those who have given everything to the nation. Beyond mere foolishness, the failure to tend the medical needs of these veterans whether within or without the VA, is just plain DISGUSTING DERELICTION!


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