Have we Forgotten 9/11?

Never Forget 9/11!?  It was early in the morning on September 11, 2001 that America was attacked; the Twin Towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and United Flight 93 were the intended targets. America lost almost 3000 innocent fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, friends and neighbors that day.   It could not have been a more horrific day to be an American.

After 9/11, it seemed as though all barriers, race or creed, rich or poor, disappeared and America became one.  We were united.  The America Flag proudly waved over cities and front yards.  We were not each other’s enemy; the faceless cowards that destroyed the Twin Towers, attempted to demolish the Pentagon and brought down Flight 93 were the enemy.
We turned to God to help us in our time of pain.  We thanked God that America was strong and resilient.  We loved our America, our family, friends and neighbors.  America was one. 

Looking back on that infamous day and the days that shadowed 9/11, I wonder what happened to our unified America.  What changed us in the years that followed 9/11?  Today I don’t know who we are anymore, since 9/11 America has been altered and the future looks bleak.  America is broken and we can’t seem to find a way to fix the chaos we’ve created. 

Women kill their unborn and rejoice, black men kill black men, first responders are cast aside and even murdered, black against white, Christians are persecuted, greed is a factor in most transactions, poverty prevails, the threat of terrorism is here, and God is replaced with false gods. 

Can America survive this toxic cloud of negativity that hangs over us?  Yes, I believe America can survive and rise again just like the Freedom Tower that stands tall in the Twin Towers’ place.   I trust we can because with God all things are possible and our God is an awesome God.   We just need to take time to listen and reflect.  Americans are resilient and are driven by the fact that we are 'One Nation Under God' no matter what we are told.   ‘In My Seat’ is a story of a pilot and his brush with death and God on that fateful day 911.  I’m certain you will find it to be a remarkable story of faith and hope.

Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!   
A Pilot’s Story September 10-11


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