Arrington Honors Law Enforcement Appreciation Day with Legislation to Support Law Enforcement

On National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Representative Jodey Arrington (TX-19) reintroduced two pieces of legislation in the House of Representatives that would protect law enforcement and hold rioters accountable.

“Since the riots that devastated cities across our country in 2020, Democrats – at all levels – have failed to condemn lawlessness and chaos. Their reckless policies and dangerous rhetoric have encouraged crime, coddled criminals, and created a culture of lawlessness in our country,” said Rep. Arrington. “On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, I am proud to take part in delivering on our Commitment to America – a safer, stronger, and freer country for every American. The GOP stands strong in our commitment to our men and women in blue, and we recognize them today and every day for their sacrifice and service.”

Background on Rep. Arrington’s Legislation

The David Dorn Act of 2023 doubles the maximum imprisonment for rioting in the US code, 18 USC Section 210, and establishes a mandatory fine.

The Patrick Underwood Federal Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2023 increases the penalties for assault on a federal officer in the US code, 18 USC Section 111, by heightening the fines and establishing mandatory imprisonment for assault with a deadly weapon.

Rep. Arrington first introduced these bills in August of 2020 in an effort to help restore order during the rioting and violence that took place in major cities across the U.S. that summer. 

Rep. Arrington has reintroduced this legislation to protect law enforcement officers across the country, hold rioters accountable for their lawless actions, and deliver on the GOP’s Commitment to America.


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