Anti-Catholic Art Alive and Well in San Antonio

If residents of San Antonio don’t wake up to the reality of what is overtaking their city, there won’t be any resemblance to the quite conservative place I call my hometown. San Antonio is not alone in the ‘dumbing down’ or perversion of the arts.

An old Victorian style house close to downtown San Antonio is the home of Art SA Gallery. I decided to venture into the gallery to view some art by San Antonio artists. Needless to say, I was totally disappointed by what I saw. Art has many faces. First and foremost, it is a reflection of our society. Art is supposed to have an uplifting and soothing effect on the viewer. At times, it can provoke and leave the viewer with a certain amount of anxiety. The ‘art’ displayed at this gallery reflects the anti-Catholic, anti-Christian theme that is prevalent throughout our country today.

These two scenes depict Christ which the artist has decided to equate the body of Christ with pizza and the blood of Christ with some sort of liquid coming from large plastic bottles. It is a mockery of the Catholic Church’s belief in the Holy Eucharist.

In the early days of the Catholic Church art was used as a way to instruct the illiterate masses to the faith. Art has not changed in purpose as it still visually instills ideas to the observer. What art brings to our current society is the gathering of perverse thoughts transferred to whatever media the artist uses. The San Antonio non discrimination ordinance has allowed the homosexual and anti-Christian agenda to flow freely throughout San Antonio.

While we cannot control who enters and purchases these works of "art," we can have a positive impact in our neighborhood by expressing our views on the art displayed at local art galleries. Art patrons play a bigger role as to what is exhibited because they support the gallery with monetary contributions. Private galleries are funded by ‘friends’ of the gallery and can show whatever topic they choose. Public galleries receive their monetary support from government grants and some private funding. I suspect that the gallery in question is owner-funded because of the overall appearance, poor lighting and lack of proper display to view the "art" pieces. We should hold public galleries accountable for their complicity in degrading the arts. It takes money to run an art gallery and in economic hard times the arts is the first place people tighten their budgets.

There isn’t much information on the Art SA Gallery website, but I did find this comment by the owner. His statement is sadly true for today.

“This is the artwork created within the unique context of our immediate contemporary culture - the city of San Antonio and our South Texas regional context. This sincere artwork is characterized by the astounding aesthetic that can only be found here in San Antonio.” 

It is obvious that this gallery caters to the homosexual and anti-Catholic clientele rather than to the general public. Buyer beware when making a purchase at your local art gallery, you may be supporting Planned Parenthood or other liberal programs without knowing it. Visit and support your local art gallery. Do not allow the liberals to dictate what art is exhibited.


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