Abortion is Murder, not a Wedge – Why Are Republicans Attacking Pro-Life Republicans for Exposing Wendy and Sarah Davis?

This week, fellow blogger Bob Price wrote an article attacking me. Why was I attacked? I was attacked because I stood up for LIFE, and I stood up for the Republican Party Platform on my TexasGOPVote – David Bellow blog. As thousands of Texans rallied in Austin this week to stand up for life, Rep. Sarah Davis was fighting against them. Price wrote an article criticizing me because I dared to expose that Sarah Davis is fighting for abortion and because I also pointed out that the Republican Party of Texas Platform calls on the Party to not give funds to candidates, like Sarah Davis, who are not pro-life.

Abortion is not an insignificant wedge issue. Abortion is the murder of millions of innocent babies, and if Republicans do not defend our most important values and principles, then we will lose our Party and lose elections. Pro-Life Conservative Ted Cruz got more votes and won by a bigger percentage than Sarah Davis in her own district, so it is false to say we have to support pro-abortion moderates like Sarah Davis in order to win in her “swing district.”

Bob Price even went as far as to say that he knows I am a Christian, but me opposing Sarah Davis and saying she is for abortion is acting un-Christian! So let me get this straight, voting to allow late term murders of innocent little babies is okay, but if I write an article saying that someone voting to allow late term abortions is wrong then I am the un-Christian bad guy? Price went on to defend Sarah Davis by saying she is not necessarily pro-abortion just because she is pro-choice (a ridiculous feel good line right out of the Planned Parenthood deception playbook).

I know Bob Price, and he is a conservative and we agree on most issues. I will not hold a grudge and will of course move past this and work with him, but for now I have to defend myself against his attack. Below, I will respond to every allegation that Bob Price levied against me, and I will prove that Sarah Davis is a pro-abortion RINO who is worthy of opposition.

1) Bob Price questioned in his headline why I was attacking Republican Pro-Abortion Sarah Davis and not attacking Democrat Pro-Abortion Wendy Davis.

FALSE: If Bob were to visit my website or look at my Facebook or my Twitter pages he would clearly see that I have made DOZENS of posts and comments in the last 2 weeks attacking pro-abortion Democrat Wendy Davis and the unruly Democrat mob. Over 99 percent of the over 1000 articles on my website are against Democrats, Liberals and Obama. Here are some examples of the many articles I have posted on my website against Wendy Davis here & here & here & here & here & here. In fact, one of my most recent article on TexasGOPVote is an article praising the Texas GOP as being the best party while exposing the Democrats for their bad actions and bad values displayed over the past few weeks.

Yes, every once in a while there is a need to speak up and defend Republican values against even a Republican. Just because someone claims to be a Republican does not mean they are automatically off limits and can do what they want without being held accountable for their actions. Sarah Davis is the only Republican fighting against these late term abortion restrictions and I will not apologize for standing for life and standing for our Platform.

2) Bob Price Claims that I am wrong for saying that people who are pro-choice are not pro-abortion.

False: Being pro-choice is the same thing as being pro-abortion. Pro-Choice and Pro-Reproductive Rights are nice terms that Planned Parenthood uses to make it not sound bad when they advocate for allowing the genocide of millions of innocent unborn babies. I never said Sarah Davis has killed any babies, but yes, by voting AGAINST a ban on late term abortions, Sarah Davis has voted in favor of allowing innocent late term babies to be torn apart and killed. Sarah can say she is pro-choice, but it is just deception. Does the baby who gets killed have a CHOICE? No! And what does Sarah even mean when she says she is pro-choice? Being pro-choice means she is for allowing people to choose to kill innocent unborn babies. Voting to allow someone to have a choice to kill their baby is voting in favor of allowing babies to be killed, and that is what Sarah Davis has done. Use whatever fancy words you want, but pro-choice is pro-abortion. Think of how ridiculous it would sound if I applied Bob’s logic to other issues. Nazis were not pro-killing the Jews, they were just for Hitler having the right to choose which race is better in order to create a perfect race. The KKK was not for slavery, they just believed that people have a right to choose to enslave, beat and kill other humans.

To be fair, Bob Price did talk to Sarah Davis and she told Bob that she was not against the Texas 20-week abortion ban if it included protecting the health of the mother. While I appreciate Bob asking Davis the question and Davis responding, I cannot at all consider her statement to be pro-life. The Texas bill already had an exemption for the life of the mother, the health of the mother is something right out of the Planned Parenthood playbook that sounds good but goes beyond protecting the mother’s life and would allow virtually any abortions after 20 weeks even if there is a ban because health of the woman is so general it could give any woman an exemption.

3) The truth is, Sarah Davis is not only pro-abortion, but she is a well under 80 percent Republican. She got failing grades from all conservative organization rankings.

Bob Price says that Sarah Davis stands for over 80 percent of Republican values, and therefore I should ignore that she is pro-choice and not criticize her for standing against life. Price is WRONG about standing for the person over the values, and he is wrong that Davis is over 80% Republican. First of all, Price claims that Sarah Davis is a good Republican other than being against life. He pulled that stat out of thin air because the truth is that all the major conservative organizations gave her failing grades after last session. Texas Eagle Forum gave her 36% for mostly social issues, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility gave her a C+ (below 80%) for fiscal issues, and Young Conservatives of Texas gave her 61% for overall conservative rating. Her pro-abortion beliefs are even clearer. She got a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood. Sorry, but you do not get 100% from Planned Parenthood unless you are absolutely 100 percent pro-abortion and in favor of everything Planned Parenthood does and wants to do.

4) I agree that not everyone agrees 100% on everything and we should still work together, but if we do not Stand for our Republican Values then we will LOSE our Party and LOSE elections.

The Republican Party is not just about getting anyone elected who will put an R behind their name. If that were the case, would you support Obama if one day he just decided to put an R behind his name instead of a D? You see, the Republican Party is not just about numbers or just about winning elections, the Republican Party is about a SET OF VALUES and the goal of the Party is to promote that set of values and get people elected who BELIEVE IN OUR REPUBLICAN VALUES. I too like Ronald Reagan’s 80% rule that says if someone believes in 80% or more of Republican values then they are your ally. I agree, and I work with and support candidates all the time that I do not 100% agree with. That being said, having an over-80% ally does not mean you just sit back and give a pass to someone who is for abortion just because they are a fellow Republican. You can still call them out on that issue and work with them on other issues. It is even OK to try to elect a better Republican to replace them, especially if they are a RINO like Sarah Davis.

NOT following the platform and not standing for our values is what is driving people away from the Republican Party. Abortion is an important issue and is a pillar of our Party's foundation. It is not just a wedge issue. The more the party tries to compromise our values, the more the base will run away from the Party. Romney lost because the conservative base of the party did not show up to vote. They were not excited about a wishy-washy, seemingly moderate Romney. You may think widening the tent by compromising on important values will help Republicans win but it will make us lose because for every moderate we add there is more than one conservative who we lose because they lose faith in the Party.

Sarah Davis does not have to be pro-abortion to win her district. Pro-Life Ted Cruz won in her district with a better percentage than her!

Ted Cruz got elected in her district with a higher percentage than what she got. Cruz ran on pro-life platforms and did BETTER than pro-abortion Sarah Davis in her own district! In the 2012 election, Cruz got 55.4%. Davis underperformed him with 54.6%.

5) Bob Price says the Republican Party of Texas did not violate the Party Platform by giving money to Pro-Abortion Candidate Sarah Davis.

FALSE: Last time I checked, the thousands of delegates at the Republican State Convention specifically put in the Party Platform a section that implores the Party to NOT give ANY Party funds to candidates who are not pro-life. Anyone with common sense would say that it is a clear violation of the platform, and against the will of the delegates, for the Party to give money to a candidate who is not pro-life. Price admits that the platform does call on the Party to withhold funds from non pro-life candidates, but he says that really it is up to the discretion of the Party. Really? Since when does the Party get to pick and choose which parts of the platform to follow? Candidates can pick and choose what they want I suppose, but the PARTY officials are put in place by the delegates to UPHOLD the Party Platform and rules.

The platform does go on to call on the Party officials to make the platform pro-abortion money restriction an official rule. The Party has not done so. I never said the Party violated a rule. I only said the Party violated the platform, which they did when they gave money to a pro-abortion candidate even though the Platform calls on them not to do so and to make it an official rule not to do so.

6) I NEVER said the Republican Party of Texas should oppose Sarah Davis or support her Democrat opponent. I only said that the Party money should have gone to many other more important races to support more conservative, pro-life Republicans. Her race was not even that important in the big picture compared to other races.

I never said someone could not give their personal money to her race. I never said she Sarah Davis does not have the right to run and does not have the right to believe how she wants to believe. I only said that the Party should follow the platform and not give Party money to pro-abortion candidates.

The fact is though, with so many races, the Party cannot and does not get involved in more than 90% of all races in Texas. With limited funds and resources, the Party should focus on getting involved in races where the Republican candidates uphold Republican values and where the Republican winning is of most importance. There were there many other races where the more conservative, pro-life Republican Candidates did not get help from the Party but could have used it. There was NEVER a threat of Republicans losing the strong majority in the Texas House. There is a big threat of conservative Republicans losing the hold on the State Board of Education. Hispanic Charlie Garza is a Republican State Board of Education member who lost his seat to a Democrat. Garza needed the money in his race more than Davis.

Furthermore, Bob Price did not mention in his article that I wanted to write an article about Davis last year, but he asked me to hold off because it might help her Democrat opponent in the General Election. Although I do not support Sarah Davis because of her beliefs, I did not want her Democrat opponent to win so I decided to hold off until after she won against her Democrat opponent, and then I would expose her pro-abortion beliefs before the next primary so that hopefully another Republican will beat her.


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