Environmental Extremists Push "Family Planning" on Developing Countries- At the Taypayer's Expense!

Climate change fanatics continue to promote their population control and Planned Parenthood agendas by targeting "developing countries". Even though global warming is debatable as discussed in a previous TexasGOPVote article, that doesn't mean much to environmental purists and scare-mongers who use it as an urgent reason to push condoms and planned parenthood on targeted populations they'd like to control:

Experts believe that while normal population growth is unlikely to significantly increase global warming, overpopulation in developing countries could lead to increased demand for food and shelter, which could jeopardize the environment as it struggles with global warming.

These same do-gooders, opining in the British medical journal Lancet, further whine that U.S. taxpayers haven't been doing enough to promote their agenda:

Until recently, many U.S.-funded health programs did not pay for or encourage condom use in poor countries...

Are these environmental "experts" perhaps suggesting that their own reproductive practices should be exempt from "population control"? If they really want to demonstrate a genuine concern for this "problem," then they could set the example by paying penance for their western lifestyles with the purchase of carbon offsets and by stopping to add to the world population by not having any of their own offspring!


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