The EPA Did Not Consult Midland, Texas

As a member of the Energy and Committee Subcommittee on Environment, I questioned Joseph Goffman about the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) anti-fossil fuel agenda. Goffman was appointed by President Biden to shut down energy production across the United States, like the Permian Basin.

During my questioning, he could not provide a clear answer on if EPA consulted industry leaders and companies in the Permian Basin about its harmful methane regulations. Not only will these so-called "regulations" increase energy costs for Americans, but they are detrimental to smaller energy producers. 

There was, however, one thing we agreed on: the fact that there is strong leadership in the Permian Basin. Goffman credited Permian producers for their reduction in methane emissions over the past five years: “What that sounds like is what we have is leadership in the industry in the Permian Basin.” He is right about that. Private companies have exceeded benchmarks in lowering harmful emissions without burdensome government regulations. 

The United States is the world leader in reducing emissions. Shutting down American-made energy and relying on foreign adversaries for our energy needs is a national security threat. Watch here or below for my full line of questioning.


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