Election Night

As I watched the last miner rescued from the depths of the collapsed mine in Chile, it brought a tear to my eye as I watched a country unite under a common cause of hope and freedom. These thirty three miners had over half a mile of rock between them and freedom and yet they fought for sixty nine days and never gave in to defeat. The reason I mention this is because, my fellow countrymen, we have eighteen days until we have to make a very important decision that will affect the future of our country. We have to decide if we will stay oppressed by our authoritarian rogue government, or will we show up in record numbers and stand alongside Conservative candidates and say with one voice: "No More!" No more Government mandated health care, no more bailouts, no more reckless spending, no more high taxes, and no more lies and corruption! We will be heard, you will listen to what we tell you, and in the words of one of my favorite authors, Mark Levin, “We will no longer allow you to rule against the will of the people” and if you do we will fire you.

Corrupt politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, your days in power are numbered. On a more local level, Eddie Bernice Johnson, your days of being a rubber stamp for Obama’s policies and abusing the seat that your constituents gave you is very rapidly coming to an end. On election night, when all the ballots have been counted and you concede your seat to Stephen Broden and the citizens of District 30 we will claim our victory and send a loud message to Washington that We The People are still in control. After the final miner Luis Urzua was rescued in Chile, he stated, "The 70 days that we fought so hard were not in vain. We had strength, we had spirit, we wanted to fight, we wanted to fight for our families, and that was the greatest thing." Just as the miners fought for their freedom we will fight to defend our freedom on election night.


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