Kira Davis - Using Constitutional Principles to Elevate the Black Community

Kira Davis at King Street PatrtionsLast night I attended a meeting at King Street Patriots in Houston where the topic was talking to minorities about conservative and Republican principles. During the meeting I met Kira Davis and learned about her battles as a black female conservative and how she uses constitutional principles to elevate members of the black community.

The Democrats and liberal media have created a mythological Republican War on Women, but the reality is Democrats, through their liberal programs, have been effectively engaging in a War on Minorities for decades, and the costs to these communities has been devastating.

Referring to these programs that create dependency on the government, Davis said, "Its billed as help. I think that the worst kind of racism is the kind that cloaks itself in the mantle of social justice. It tells you - were here to help you, but the help is hurt. It seems on the surface like its good intentions - helping people get on their feet.  It actually makes us dependent."

Davis explained the direct impact on the black community stating, "Weve lost the black father. 73% of our children are born into unmarried households. Obviously, we have seen these policies have failed."

As a black female conservative, Davis faces a lot of criticism from not only the media, but even her own family and friends. She explained, "A lot of black conservatives, like myself, get accused of being a sellout because we are Republicans, and there is something strange about that to a lot of people. But honestly, its not about party. Its really about using a different way to get the results we have always hoped we would get under this system the Democrats have been pushing for so many years."

Davis powerfully uses the 1st Amendment as a tool for liberating members of the black community. She said, "One of the things that angers me the most is when I see the gross malpractice of the mainstream media. They are muzzling themselves. They are putting a muzzle on freedom of speech. There is such a bias that they are actually voluntarily giving up freedom of speech and that is the most important freedom that Americans have. Its what makes America very special."

Kira Davis, Albert Rodriguez and Adryana Boyne

Kira Davis, Albert Rodriguez and Adryana Boyne discuss minority outreach at King Street Patriots.

Davis uses the 1st Amendment to take the liberal rulebook and use it against them in their arguments. Many in the media use charges of racism as a way of limiting your freedom of speech. Davis turns that back on them and defeats them with their own tools. She explained, "Theyre always going to use the issue of racism. Its always going to be on the table. Because, for them, thats all they really have. They dont have the truth or the facts on their side so they have to go with emotion."

Davis continued, "Its one of my favorite things about the late Andrew Breitbart. His thing was - play by their rules and make them abide by their rules. So I dont want to play this game. But if you want to play this game, then lets play it!"

Democrats want to hide the racist agenda of Planned Parenthood and the use of abortion to limit the black communitys political influence in America. Davis stated, "When I was living in the inner city, there were two Planned Parenthoods located within blocks of my house. I now live in the suburbs and I cant tell you where the Planned Parenthood is in the suburbs. That means something. Theres something to that. Of course, you and I know the racist foundations of Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger, but a lot of people dont know that."

On the issue of abortion, Davis said, "In the black community, its not really something thats talked about. I cant for sure say why. One thing is we do have conservative values. While we do make up a disproportionate percentage of abortions, its just not something that were proud of or want to speak about. It makes it difficult to be honest about the real tragedy of the situation. Its a challenge that we face, educating people about exactly where this issue came from - why its so prevalent in the black community and how were literally killing off our future political capital."

I have heard black pastors say we have killed off an entire generation of black voters and that Planned Parenthood began with a mission of racial genocide.  I asked Davis about this issue. She replied, "Absolutely! One of the things you will hear Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson talk about - how we need to have more say in the process - we need more black leaders. But we are killing these people. We could have 50 million extra black people in this country and that would go a long way to having more influence in the political process in this country."

"Instead," she continued, "we are shrinking. Were the only minority population that is actually shrinking.  ...we literally built this country on our backs, and now, instead of being able to enjoy, now that were free, we are really free, instead of being able to enjoy the fruits of that labor, we are annihilating ourselves, aborting ourselves completely out of the political landscape."

Kira Davis - TexasGOPVoteBlack conservative leaders take on much abuse to carry forward the conservative agenda to their minority communities. Kira Davis is doing a great job in reaching out to these communities through her radio show, "The Dark Side Radio Show with Kira Davis" and through writing on her blog site at I am very excited to announce that will also be posting Davis message on our site.

It is important that we recognize and promote black conservatives like Kira Davis in California and other black conservative leaders like Congressman Allen West in Florida. They take a lot of heat for standing on their principles.  The least we can do is make sure they know we have their backs.


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