HB 4 passes the House and is now in the Education Committee in the Senate

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Pro-liberty House Member Jonathan Stickland writes about his position on House Bill 4:

This week's worst bill of the week didn't quite start out that way, but by the time the liberals in the Texas house were done with it, it earned the ‪#‎WBOTW‬ award.

HB 4 by GOP Rep. Dan Huberty sought to establish a "High Quality" pre-k program in the state of Texas. The first obvious question is, "Why would we be spending money on our other pre-k programs if they aren't "high quality"?

After an amendment offered by conservative Rep. Jodie Laubenberg to put a ceiling on the amount of money spent on this pilot program was gutted by progressive liberal Trey Martinez-Fischer, it was effectively opened up to unlimited spending. Things only got worse from there. The measure initially limiting it to a half day program was also stripped allowing, for full day programs for 4 year olds. New requirements and testing of our teachers and children also found their way on to the legislation.

The final end product in my opinion was nothing but a first step for the state of Texas requiring an unlimited, full day, mandatory pre-k program.

I wish that value was placed in fostering an environment of stronger family units instead of government daycare. How can we on one hand complain when parents are not as involved in their children's education as needed, and then promote handing them over to government at a younger age?

House Bill 4 has a companion bill in the Senate; SB 801 and it is in committee now. Here is a link to find all of the committee members. Click here to find the names of the members.

We need to stop the intrusion of the government into the family unit. Call the Senate Education Committee Members to tell them to kill this bill.


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