Three Years of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Three years ago, House Republicans and President Trump rewrote our nation’s tax code for the first time in 30 years.

I was honored to lead these efforts, and in the three years since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law, we’ve seen historic economic success. Wages increased, main street optimism reached an all-time high, jobs were brought back from overseas, and the unemployment rate reached record lows.

Bottom line – the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act helped all Americans, and created record-low unemployment for women, people of color and minorities, and workers without high school degrees.

Three years later, tax reform serves as a strong foundation on which to rebuild our economy – and it is the smart, pro-growth policies that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act embodied that we must focus on to help our families, small businesses, and workers recover from COVID-19. 


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