Taxpayers Should Not Bail Out Student Loan Borrowers

Even after the Supreme Court ruled President Biden's "student loan forgiveness" program unconstitutional, the Biden Administration continues to transfer student debt onto taxpayers. In fact, on the same day of the Supreme Court's ruling, the Department of Education announced a new final rule to allow a majority of bachelor’s degree student loan borrowers to avoid paying back even the principal on their loans. I voted to strike down this harmful rule that would have taxed Americans. 

No hardworking Texan should be forced to pay for "elite" college degrees—especially when we saw the Presidents of Harvard and Penn refuse to strongly condemn calls for the genocide of the Jewish people this week.

Rather than addressing the root causes of the student debt crisis, the Biden Administration would rather transfer the financial burden onto taxpayers, exacerbating our ongoing issues with inflation and contributing further to our staggering $33 trillion national debt. Watch here or below for my remarks.


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