Social Media Giants Get WAKE-UP Call

Conservatives sent a warning to the social media giants. And to those who support them with the targeting of conservatives.

The targeting of President Trump by the social media giants created their undoing. And the cabal against Parler didn’t help. Anti-trust actions that are illegal. And if these actions were taken by a group of conservatives, the Left would act swiftly and with the hammer of Thor.

Overtly illegal actions, sanctioned by the Left; including legislators.

Don’t expect legislators to act. They have been paid off by the paper billionaires. People like Jeff Bezos, Zuckerberg, Darcy and others have spent billions to buy their way into power. They have elite status. So much so that Zuckerberg openly violated election laws donating $350 million to thwart the election. Who knows all that he did? Nothing would surprise me about the level of collusion between Facebook and the Democrats.

On Aug 26 of last year, Facebook stock traded at $303 a share. An announcement had been made only a few days earlier that Zuckerberg was worth $100 million. The company’s market cap hovered in the $800+ billion range.

Things have changed.

Facebook stock has fallen from $303 in August 2020 to $248 or so.

A week after the social media giants removed Trump, their market cap fell by $51 billion. A couple of days later, they lost another $21 billion. $72 billion lost in about ten days.

Of that 10-day loss, Twitter’s stock fell from $54 to $45 over, and the company lost $7 billion market cap. A company that has no profit model should never have been worth $36B, the rough market cap of Twitter at the end of the trading day on 1/14/21. But if Jack Darcy of Twitter think things are bad now, just wait a little while. Soon Darcy may beg Donald Trump to save his company.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump ended up buying Twitter from Darcy for pennies on the dollar? Oh the irony. I know I would go back on Twitter in a heartbeat, if Trump could pull that off.

Regardless of what Trump does, watch what happens as these millennials start losing BILLIONS in their paper money enterprises daily.

The trickle will continue for a while, unless some of the New World Order artificially prop them up for a while. But that can’t last if they lose their consummate consumer: the Conservative.

The big money movers and shakers will fear losing their billions as well. Eventually, they will be forced to pull out. The price will drop again.

As the drop in stock price continues, the owners of these Gestapo companies will silently attempt to liquidate. And when the regular market gets wind of this, they will rightfully panic. Expect the market caps of Facebook and Twitter to drop from $700 billion and $36 billion respectively to a 1/10th or 1/100th the value.

How great would that be. To watch two Millennial “billionaires” sh*t their pants as they watch their net worth dwindle to that of mere mortals.

And what if we move that value to Conservative companies? Make multi-billionaires out of conservatives.

You want to see politics switch, just put that kind of coin into the hands of Americans who love this country. And what of that data?

The ability to expose any Leftist politician at any time. Know that Zuckerberg has more dirt on politicians than the NSA.

So pat yourselves on the back for this eventuality. A glimpse into the future. Because 75-100+ million Conservatives who supported Trump will have made this happen.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the big cheat by Democrats actually ends up draining the swamp and undoing the need for 230?

If we do our part, Leftists will not win in the end. Because Conservatives are the PRODUCERS! We are the reason the market will punish Zuckerberg, Darcy, Bezos, and others. None of the social media giants will get out unscathed.

These are not the entrepreneurs who built America with steel, oil and gas, and so on. These billionaires are only worth what they are ON PAPER! That’s why they buy up precious real-estate with their fortunes. But they can’t buy up everything. And as their fortunes fade, so will their influence.



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