President Trump’s First Joint Address to Congress

For the past eight years we heard from a president who offered empty promises and who refused to address the failures of his administration. Tonight, on the other hand, the American people heard from a president who stands by his word, has gotten straight to work, and every day upholds his commitment to fight on behalf of the American people.   

This new administration brings a renewed sense of strength and opportunity for us to break glass and create more opportunities for Americans across the country. In these first two months of the 115th Congress we have already rolled back onerous provisions of the Obama Administration’s regulatory agenda and have started to lay the groundwork to fix our broken healthcare system, reform the tax code, and put hardworking Americans back to work. In the past month, we have seen more than 227,000 new jobs, an uptick in the labor force participation rate, and the stock market has closed at a record high for eleven straight days.

It is clear that under Republican leadership our economy is flourishing, the job market is rebounding, and there is a new sense of confidence in our country. While we have more work to do, I believe that with swift resolve and a focused agenda we will continue to move in the right direction. The American people deserve a government that works for them and I believe as a united front we will revive the American Dream and create a safer, stronger, better America.


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