President Obama’s Proposed Tax is an Assault on American Energy and American Families

Today I issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s proposal to place a $10 tax on every barrel of oil:

President Obama’s proposed tax on oil is an egregious tax hike on American families and an attack on American energy. This president’s liberal policies have already forced hard working Americans to tighten their budgets, which is why it is astonishing that the Administration has proposed a tax hike on every single family, business, and worker across the country.

At a time when Americans are finally seeing some relief at the pump, the President has decided to burden families with a tax that will raise the cost of gas at least 25 cents a gallon. I refuse to let President Obama’s attempt to appease radical environmentalists come before the needs of American families. The American people can count on House Republicans to kill this absurd proposal and continue to work on real solutions to lower costs for American families, create good-paying full time jobs, and get our economy back on track.


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